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A Journey To Becoming Meditation Teacher

First and foremost, I am super passionate about helping people increase their happiness and remove the toxic modern-day epidemic of stress, anxiety and depression from our nervous systems.

Aside from that, I’m a family man, surfer, artist and lover of good health! My journey to this place of teaching people like you meditation has been a diverse ride.

Along the way I have learnt so much about the world of people (as prickly as it can sometimes be…). As well as all aspects of a business – sales, marketing, communication, managing people, dealing with the worries of small businesses and cash flow headaches. Ahh, the ongoing stresses… the list goes on and on, yet it has borne great fruits. But with all that I had a yearning for something more.

This yearning for more has led me to spend probably close to $100,000 in personal development. From becoming an NLP trainer, Yoga, therapy, breath training, personal and business coaching, Neuro Feedback, seminars upon seminars, online courses, meditation apps you name it, I’ve probably done it or looked into it.

This constant search eventually ended up at meditation, and oh I am so, so humbled to have the karma which opened me to this gift. And there has been nothing that has brought as much joy, creativity, love, laughter and peace to my life as Vedic Meditation.

It gave the power to be able to respond to life with creativity rather than react to life with emotionality.

Hence why I knew this was my calling to share this amazing, scientific tool with the modern world.

A tool to navigate this crazy world we live in with all the peaks and valleys and demands. So fast forward to today…

I would love to share this technique with you. And If you are wondering, if VM is for you, I would love for an opportunity to chat with you about this beautiful proven technique, that has helped millions and millions of people around the world to live a greater life.

A life with more love, more peace, more creativity and joy, and loads less reactivity to the inevitable stresses of the modern world. Rich

“I found Rich’s delivery & communication introducing me to Vedic meditation easy to follow & remarkably straight forward. Relieved to learn nothing I needed was outside of me & this form of meditation required zero effort & I wasn’t required to add any MORE into my life. Rich was welcoming, patient, open & honest in his approach & to me shone authenticity. He has been around the block & knows what has worked in his life & many others he has taught. It’s early days for me, but Undeniably I feel more connected & present in my day to day dealings in the ocean or more importantly precious time spent with my daughter. Best wishes for future prospects & endeavours brother, Warm regards

So What is the Meditation Spot?

Good question, rather than just have my name as the name of my teaching business, I wanted to come up with a name. And Meditation Spot jumped out at me for a few reasons but mainly…

This technique requires no set location to meditate so literally any spot you find yourself in you can meditate. Be it in the park, taxi, air plane or on a couch. Any spot you find, can be your mediation spot!

And since we teach in different locations and often different places at these locations it seemed fitting that the Meditation Spot comes with us!

Whose Vedic meditation for?

Vedic meditation is designed for people living in the modern world. People who have careers, families, school, study, hobbies, and passions.

Other meditation techniques were designed to be more of a monastic practice – think the monk in a cave kind of thing – whereas the founding Rishis (Seers, “great Sadhus” or Sages) of this technique were householders themselves, farmers and family men.

So this technique is the perfect accompaniment to the demands we all face in the high paced digital age.