Reasons people
come to Vedic Meditation
  • Have failed at other forms of meditation
  • Experiencing stress, anxiety or depression
  • Want to be less reactive in situations and choose to “Respond”
  • To access greater creativity
  • To boost performance in the workplace or school
  • To gain a sense of connection to ourselves - or for some beyond ourselves
  • To have stability in this constant changing world
Why Meditate

In the modern world, we are processing the equivalent information in 1 day that our ancestors 250 years ago did in a whole year.

It is no wonder a lot of us are experiencing overwhelm and stress. Meditation is shown to help slow down the mind and therefore the body.

The reason most find meditation a challenge is due to techniques where we are trying to calm the mind against the incessant chatter
The 3 main forms of meditation and why Vedic Meditation is so easy
There are many types of meditation which fall into primarily 3 main categories.
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learn 2 - Learn More About Vedic Meditation
The similarity
Both concentrative & contemplative forms of meditation are using the surface level of our minds such as site, breath, feelings, emotions.
learn 3 - Learn More About Vedic Meditation

Vedic Meditation takes us beneath the surface of the mind and into the deeper layers of calm and quiet

Vedic Meditation -
The Difference

With VM we are neither concentrating nor contemplating. We use a Mantra (translation is Mannas - Mind, Tra - Vehicle so it is a vehicle of the mind).

The mantras we use in Vedic Meditation are known as Bija Mantras (seed mantras) which have no meaning. As if the mantras meant something we would be using the right side of the brain by contemplating.
We are not concentrating on the mantra either as then we would be concentrating.

Our meditation teacher Tweed Heads will make you learn a particular technique that is scientifically shown to activate both hemispheres of the brain.

Vedic Meditation is also shown to reduce our metabolic rate (your functioning energy rate) by 24% during meditation compared to just dropping by 8% during sleep. So we are getting 2-5 times greater rest than sleep.

Thanks to this deep, calm, state of rest we remove the stresses and pressures of life. In turn, we get access to a host of other benefits.

Where is it from?

Vedic Meditation was cognized in ancient India over 5,000 years ago.

It is a practice that is not religious or a philosophy. It is a tool to live a happier, calmer life with no need to change any belief systems or dietary requirements.

Vedic Meditation -
How to learn

In order to learn the Vedic meditation technique, we suggest you become orientated with the practice. For convenience (as we know the time restraints we all have) there are a few ways you can do this:

1: Review the website
2: Have a free info talk via phone where we discuss the technique and see if it fits what you are looking for. You can call 0405 240 688 or send an email to arrange a time on our contact us page
3: Attend a complimentary information night (dates listed below)

NOTE: If you have attended a talk or already know you want to learn Vedic Meditation and want to get started you can schedule in a course on a date and time that works for you or attend a group course.


You can learn this technique in a private course format (at your home or one of our 3 locations) or in a group course

The technique is taught over 4 sessions (between 60-90 minutes each).


In this first session you will receive your personalised mantra and the procedure on how to use it properly.. Prior to this Rich will perform a short ceremony of gratitude (called a Puja), this is like a martial arts teacher bowing before walking into a martial arts studio, but with the colours of India.


Are group sessions whereby we further refine the practice. You will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to be a self-sufficient meditator thanks to knowing what is going on within your body and your mind during the practice, and all the possible scenarios you may encounter.

These are fun, dynamic and informative sessions where we also complete each session with a group meditation.


Access to regular follow-up meetings
A private follow up check-in session (either in person or via online meeting)
Access to take a refresher course in the future at no cost.
My support as a teacher dedicated to ensuring you’re getting the full benefit out of the practice.
Access to meetings and group meditations (with myself and other Vedic meditation teachers)


Unlike most classes and apps, Vedic Meditation is taught so that you develop a self-sufficient practice (a life-enhancing tool ). So this is not a weekly class. 

Upon learning the technique you will be 100% confident in your ability to access the meditative state.

You also get lifetime access to free Vedic Meditation group meditations. (with any teacher of Vedic Meditation) and you also get ongoing support from Rich Muir as your teacher.

Pricing is based on a self-nominated sliding scale, which you can request if interested in the course via sending an email through the contact us page or calling Rich on 0405240688: . 


Please note if you are suffering from Financial hardship and feel this technique is for you, please get in contact and we will arrange something for you.

    “I just did my Vedic Meditation course with Rich on the weekend. The process is as easy as he said and I have been meditating twice a day for the last 3 days and I am already feeling more at peace and grateful.”
    – Christophe Domergue
    Art and Design
    “Learning this form of meditation has been life changing for me. Vedic Meditation will reduce the stress you experience and in turn help prevent stress related disease and pain syndromes. I suffer from an autoimmune disease that is exacerbated by stress and this has been a game changer for my health.”
    – Melissa MacDonald
  • Live In The Now!
    “A big thank you, we all enjoyed it so much and I know that it will be such a blessing to have this form of meditation in our lives. I already feel calm, cool and collected and remembering how important it is to “Live In The Now!”
    – Sonya Johnson
  • I love the simplicity of it
    “Vedic meditation is accessible and achievable for everyone. It’s effortless and effective, with palpable benefits within a couple of days. I love the simplicity of it. It takes all pressure off so that you actually look forward to the next session. A twice-daily ritual that becomes a life-changing practice.”
    – Amy Arnell