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Working with people from all walks of life to enhance their journey

Sometimes we just need a 3rd party to help us shift from our current situation. Rich offerings private mentoring sessions that are tailored to your needs. Working with people from business, personal and relationships, with a unique blend of experience and study to facilitate you shifting gears in the right direction.

Mentoring sessions are available by request and in the following formats:
30 minute sessions $90 + GST
60 minute sessions $150 + GST
Specialised breakthrough sessions*
3 hours. Including 2 hours of Vedic Rounding and 1 hour mentoring session $350 + GST These sessions can be conducted via phone, skype or in person. If you require Rich to come to you additional charges may apply.

Contact Rich here for more information Contact Long Term Mentoring is also available where you can receive weekly or monthly sessions. These are customised to your requirements.

Do I have had to have learnt Vedic meditation or any other form of meditation to be meditated?
It is not essential to have learnt Vedic or any other form of meditation to be mentored by Rich

I am Beyond grateful
I am beyond grateful to have connected with Rich and learned this incredible tool of Vedic meditation two years ago. I have never experienced such peace of mind until practicing this meditation. It is something that goes deeper over time and for me it is the only form of meditation that has resonated and had an impact. 
I reached out to Rich recently as I was having some deep feelings of emotional pain and general sadness after a challenging 12 months. I am very discerning who I go to in times like this as being around likeminded people I want to emulate is important to me, particularly when I am feeling vulnerable. I reached out to Rich via text expressing my need for a quick check in. In the space of 30 minutes, I went from a state of sadness, frustration, and overall anxiety, to feeling light, empowered, and looking at my situation with a very different perspective. Rich has a way of making you feel safe and supported even when what you are sharing isn’t pleasant. This is where the real inner work is. When we take our practice into our lives and things aren’t smooth sailing. Rich reminded me of the normality in my feelings and gave me permission to express this. I am so grateful to have Rich as a mentor and coach in my life. He very much walks the talk, has a calming vibe, he’s relatable and is grounded in the reality of life. He certainly was a lifeline for me during this time and my only regret is not reaching out sooner as I have a tenancy to bottle things up and not ‘bother’ anyone! At 37 I have learned that doesn’t work and reaching out to our mentors is so powerful and helpful. I certainly won’t leave it so long to have a quick coaching session with Rich in the future. What an incredible human we have access to here. Thanks Rich.
Sarah Curtis