Lean an easy to do meditation practice from the comfort
of your own home with ongoing support.

I am offering live one on one online meditation courses during the current restrictions we are faced with.

It is so important in these times to have a stable meditation practice to help us remove the effects of stress from our lives, as stress not only is horrible for our nervous system it down-regulates our immune system. Making us more susceptible to illness.

So I encourage all to start and implement a practice. I believe that meditation should be happening when times are good, but in heightened times like this, it is imperative.

When we meditate we access more calmenss, kindness, empathy and compassion. As we reduce the impacts of stress that has us operating out of the primitive part of our brain (fight or flight). I liken it to we are able to Respond rather than React.

Do I need a teacher?

No. You can certainly download an app or listen to a guided practice, or even try on your own. I did for many years. With varying degrees of success. But apps these days are a good place to start as well.

A teacher however, is like a field guide and here to support you on your journey. We know the challenges that cultivating a meditation practice can be. It is not a straight line and the ability for ongoing support is the priceless component of a teacher.

Online Mindfulness Course

This course includes the following:

    • Four x 30-45-minute session one-to-one instruction. Ideally over sequential days.
    • One private 20-minute consultation, 7-10 days post instruction to check in on how you are going
    • Ongoing support and the ability to attend online group meditation
    • Ongoing support via email
    • Learn Vedic Meditation in the future at a reduced rate


The investment for this is $199
(if you wish to learn Vedic Meditation in the future you can take this investment of the cost of the Vedic course).

If you are interested click here to organise your course. Contact