May 12-1th 2022 Amara Retreat Sunshine Coast 

A special invitation to you. An invitation to step away from the crazy experience of the current world we live in. An invitation to release the stock pile of stress and tensions. An invitation to return to nature, good food and good people. An invitation to discover proven tools and techniques that nurture the mind, body and spirit. An invitation to re-establish connection to you. To find out more head over to

Vedic Meditation 

During the retreat you will receive the same teachings as if you attend a normal course but you get the added benefits of being immersed in Nature, nurturing yourself on a holistic level with many other supportive modalities.

Here’s what you will also discover on retreat from other specialist practitioners:

  • ice-baths
  • breathwork
  • Kundalini yoga
  • the gut connection
  • Empowering mindset practices
  • create purpose
  • Reconnect to you!