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Stress Less, Live More & Create the Life You Want
Through a daily meditation practice, you will achieve a host of benefits, mentally, physically and spiritually."

As someone who has meditated on and off for years, I kinda thought I knew what I was doing. That was until I attended Rich’s Vedic Meditation Workshop. Total game changer… it was like I was given the golden ticket to meditation.” Allie Edgar 

Learn the right form of meditation for you.

Despite there being hundreds of styles there are only 3 forms of meditation on how they work on the brain with varying degrees of easiness.
Concentration forms: The hardest technique, it requires trying to train your mind to stay focused on a single point (be it on the breath, a mantra or a candle). Techniques such as Vipassana, Japa and Zazem meditation
Contemplation forms: This approach involves a more open, reflective form of meditation, where you observe your thoughts, feelings, or sensations without judgment, fostering a deeper understanding of the self and the world. Techniques such as Mindfulness, Guided and Visualisation meditations fall under this category.
Effortless Transcendental forms: Considered the easiest and most natural form of meditation, it involves transcending thought to reach a state of pure awareness or consciousness without concentrated effort. Techniques like Transcendental Meditation and Vedic Meditation exemplify this approach, where the use of a personal mantra facilitates a spontaneous shift into a state of deep restful awareness.
All meditation is great it is just about finding the right technique for you.

We Don’t Want To Learn Meditation For The Practice, We Want To Learn Meditation To Help Us Be Better At Life.

Making sure you do the right technique for you is pivotal to making sure you make it a daily habit. If you want to know which practice is best for you we recommend a discovery call. 

Benefits of Meditation

Reduce stress & anxiety
Reduce depression symptoms
Improved health
Improved focus
Increased creativity
Better relationships
Respond rather than react
Improve happiness & wellbeing Improve work performance
(meditation has had thousands of peer-reveiwed science studies showing its efficacy and highlighting many physiological and neurological benefits).

Improve the Quality of your mind

Meditation helps us improve our ability to deal with the stressors of life. And when we alleviate stress we are better at being adaptive, creative, responsive and effective in our roles in life. As well as being far more able to not trigger the stress response in day-to-day life.
Additionally meditation aids us to cultivate a stronger connection to ourselves and others.

How to learn

The Meditation Spot runs courses in the following format:

Online Private Mindfulness Course: 
In Person Live Mindfulness Course: 
Monthly In Person Group Vedic Meditation Course:
Private In Person Vedic Meditation Course: 

COURSE differences

The primary difference is the technique. The mindfulness courses are a more affordable option and still a great practice and can be taught online, however the Vedic Meditation technique is the easiest meditation technique and perfect for those of us that lead busy lives with busy minds and can only be taught in person. 

Course Location: Group Courses from Currumbin Valley. Private courses either from Currumbin Valley or your premises (business or residential).

Course Inclusions:

Mindfulness Meditation

  • Convenient learning, private courses to fit into your schedule both online and in person.
  • Mindfulness breath meditation technique.
  • Email tips.
  • A great technique for someone on a budget wanting to get started with meditation. 
  • Become self-sufficient with the technique.

Vedic Meditation

  • Taught over 4 in person sessions (cannot be taught online).
  • Receive a personalised mantra.
  • Lifetime support with your meditation practice, you can schedule calls with Rich and help you with any challenges you have with your meditations.
  • A one on one follow up check-in session
  • Attend group meditations with Rich or any Vedic meditation teacher around the world.
  • Re-sit courses, you can re-sit a group course at any time in the future at no cost.
  • Online refresher courses, Rich runs online refresher courses during the year, so you can refresh your practice.

Take The Stress Out Of Life

Meditation is the perfect antidote for the complexities and pressures of modern life. As a science-based practice, it offers a proven pathway to peace and clarity. By engaging in regular meditation, you can effectively reduce stress, enhance cognitive function, and improve overall emotional well-being. This simple yet powerful tool can transform your daily life, fostering a sense of balance and resilience amidst life's challenges.

Rich has taught meditation to over 600 people of all walks of life,
here are some kind words from a few of them

Rich Muir -
Meditation Teacher

Rich has been meditating for 17 years, teaching fulltime for 5 and has taught over 600 people of all walks of life. Rich is currently completing a bachelor of Psychological Science, so he brings a wonderful combination of the ancient practice of meditation with the latest science in stress reduction techniques.

Rich came to meditation in his early 30s after experiencing depression and chronic fatigue after burnout. Rich embarked on a long and costly journey to find tools and techniques to cultivate a sense of “psychological freedom” and well-being. Rich pretty much tried everything on the way (from walking on fire, NLP, therapists, and coaches, he did most of it…).

He likens all he has done to breadcrumbs that paved the way to meditation. After eight years of stumbling around in the meditation wilderness, he arrived at Vedic meditation – the technique he does daily -, which he calls the game changer for those of us in the busy world (as most other meditation was designed for monks). While the Vedic technique is his daily go to, he does other forms and teaches mindfulness meditation weekly to many.

The impact was so powerful for Rich that he sold his business to commit to teaching this practice alongside other science-based stress-release techniques. 

As well as his love for helping others and meditation, Rich is a father of 3, a lover of music, the arts,  surfing, good health, and family pets (horses, dogs, and chickens).


Trusted Meditation Teacher at Eden Health Retreat

Rich is the trusted meditation teacher out at Eden Health Retreat, teaching weekly the guests proven meditation tecniques to aid in living better.
The Meditation Spot
The Meditation Spot is a registered member of the Meditation Association of Australia.

Meditation Association


No, the techniques we teach we encourage you to be able to sit comfortably, if that is cross legged for you that is fine, but most will meditate on a chair. All that is required is that you sit upright with the back supported.

Both the practices we teach (Mindfulness and Vedic meditation) can be done by people with busy minds.

Vedic meditation is more the recommended practice for people with busy lives and minds as it has been shown to be the easiest practice though as we are not trying to calm or control the mind. In fact, if you can think effortlessly, you can meditate effortlessly as well. 

So many people who would swear they cannot meditate are soon shocked to not only be able to but enjoy sitting still for 20 minutes! 

No not at all, we teach beginners through to people who have been meditating for a long time but looking to deepen their practice. 

So, no experience is required.

Any time you sit to give yourself time out is great, and apps are some of the greatest tools to have helped thousands of people discover meditation. But to go deeper into the scientific benefits of meditation it is recommended that you experience a technique like Vedic meditation, through which you can create a strong daily practice. Most app developers are experienced meditators and the goal is to get people to open their minds to the benefits of meditation. Once they experience that they can choose to go to the next stage and learn a technique such as Vedic meditation.

Rich has taught people from all walks of life, from CEO’s, seekers, scientists to artists and all in between. Vedic meditation is a science-based practice that is for all walks of life.

Although some people want to do a weekly meditation class as they would yoga, but it is not what The Meditation Spot offer, as where the benefits of meditation are created are in the daily practice of meditation, not once a week. Rich explains it would be like a plumber bathing once a week… not ideal. 

The science shows it is in consistent practice where meditation becomes a great tool for life. 

No, meditation is a natural practice which brings great benefit to the mind. And Rich teaches in a very pragmatic approach with a leaning to science-based practices that enrich our lives.

The main difference with Vedic meditation is that it is what is referred to as a automatic self-transcending form of meditation. That basically means you are not concentrating nor contemplating (Which is what all other forms of meditation fall into), Vedic meditation works with the nature of the mind which is to move, and your thoughts are a part of the practice, not something you are trying to control, coherse or stop. Hence why it is known as the easiest form of meditation, your mind is not fighting anything! 

Thankfully meditation has been put extensively under the microscope of science, with thousands upon thousands of peer-reviewed (highest calibre) of studies and shown immense benefit. 
Vedic meditation has too been studied through the studies conducted on Transcendental meditation which shares the same technique and lineage as Vedic. If you want any studies please reach out and Rich can share these with you.

Vedic meditation and Transcendental meditation share the same lineage and technique. Transcendental meditation is an organisation that is doing great work out in the world bringing meditation to many. Rich is an independent teacher and not affiliated to the TM organisation.

Get in touch to see if one of our Meditation courses can improve your quality of life. Or you can give Rich a call on 0405 240 688.

Send us an email about any of your questions and we will come back to you asap. Alternatively you can call 0405 240 688

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