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“I’d always dabbled with meditation, being very aware of its benefits, but struggled to find a practice I could sustain. After doing some research and deciding on Vedic meditation, I reached out to Rich, and I am so glad I did! The way Rich teaches the technique is comprehensive but simple and I left each session feeling like I understand the practice more and how I could integrate it into my life. Since completing the course with Rich, despite the pace of regular life continuing, I’ve found my thinking clearer, my sleep better, and my ability to not pursue unhelpful thinking patterns or patterns of ‘busy for busy sake’ anywhere near as much as I might have previously.”
I am a definite convert to twice daily Vedic meditation….not always twice, but always every day.
2023 threw some curve balls I never anticipated at this time last year.  I can never stop believing how things come into your life for a reason. Sometimes the reason is not clear at the time, but later it all makes sense.  I had known about your course the year before through Chris, but the timing was not right for me to join your group.
Fast forward to August ’23 and I knew this is what I needed to do.
Being a regular meditator now has enabled me to deal with the blows of a marriage breakup & being left with a mortgage,  to losing my job through redundancy as my employer faced financial difficulty. I was blind-sided in this latest event & only had 1 weeks notice given, 2 weeks before Christmas.
I am 100% sure that without the perspective and centering of Vedic meditation I would have been rocking in the corner. My twice daily practice allowed me to grieve, cry & feel sorry for myself in a safe space, but once over I had the clarity to forge ahead, knowing I had the strength within me to face these two major life-changing events. Everything was in perspective & relative & I have not ruminated or worried about the future, but remained ‘where my feet are’.
I have now secured a new job with a very well known company in my field of work and commence in the next week.
Your meditations kept me grounded, safe & gave me the space to work through all the emotions on my own & get together the facts I needed to make the right choices.  No one was able to help me as they weren’t walking in my shoes.
I am forever grateful for learning this technique & am encouraging others to also.
Thanks Rich. You came about when I didn’t know I would need you so much *hugs.
Have a fabulous 2024! 
I know the future is bright.

“The entire course was enjoyable and relaxed. I looked forward to attending every session. The technique has been easy to incorporate into my day and I really believe it is benefiting me by reducing my stress levels and providing an overall sense of calm. It’s made me slow down and appreciate small things more.

Rich is a great teacher. I immediately felt at ease and relaxed around you. Your sessions were interesting and I could have listened for hours. Your love & belief in the technique was very evident and shone through.”

“Vedic meditation is accessible and achievable for everyone. It’s effortless and effective, with palpable benefits within a couple of days. I love the simplicity of it. It takes all pressure off so that you actually look forward to the next session. A twice-daily ritual that becomes a life-changing practice.”

“I felt in a warm supportive space with Rich, I trusted the process 100% and was open to understanding and experiencing. I was astounded how quickly I felt the internal benefit of an inner calm. I loved knowing that I was slipping into ‘no time, no space, no where’ it was fascinating. The fact that I know this is so beneficial for my whole being has made me feel so empowered that I have started this process. I now priorities my meditation twice a day and I feel enthusiastic about doing it.

Rich as a teacher was knowledgeable, open, supportive, encouraging and loving. Perfect!”

As someone who has meditated on and off for years, I kinda thought I knew what I was doing. That was until I attended Rich’s Vedic Meditation Workshop. Total game changer… it was like I was given the golden ticket to meditation. 

It also helps that Rich blends science with storytelling, humour and wisdom. 

So whether you’re a total newbie or someone with experience, I highly recommend Rich if you’re looking for the golden ticket to meditation.

When I prioritise my meditation, I’m better able to deal with day-to-day stress, be more present and go with the flow. What that means is I’m a better wife, mum, friend and human. Cool, huh?

“I found Rich’s delivery & communication introducing me to Vedic meditation easy to follow & remarkably straight forward. Relieved to learn nothing I needed was outside of me & this form of meditation required zero effort & I wasn’t required to add any MORE into my life.”

“ Rich was so down to earth,
and not what I was expecting from a
“Meditation Teacher”, loved that
he was so normal and the way he teaches is so relatable and relevant with a great mix of science and meditation.!”

“Meditation has honestly changed my life. I’m a calmer, more contented, present and peaceful human being.

I’ve seen a significant improvement in my sleep and ability to manage times of higher stress in my life.

My work requires managing a large team in an always on environment with constant curve balls and meditation has allowed me to find balance and mange this with a sense of calm and knowing that everything is in my favour. It’s also assisted my creative thinking and ability to make better decisions on the fly.

Meditation tip – for a while I dropped back to one a day and I saw a significant reduction in the benefits. I also constantly remind myself that I don’t meditate to be good at meditation, I meditate to be good at life.

I’m so grateful to Rich for sharing this timeless wisdom with such passion and patience.”

“Mostly floating at top of the deep water but must be venturing downwards away from the “chatter” enough during each session because I feel a tangible difference in my contentment. Very calming feeling. Haven’t felt this un-anxious since I cant remember.”


“The results since have been very much noticeable and very tangible. People ask me to describe it and I offer this illustration – imagine you get 100 emails a day and 92 of them are Spam/junk mail …. meditation regularly trains and teacher your mind to delete these “Spam emails” and to only deal with the 8 necessary emails. It unclogs your brain – your energies are focused on where they need to be focused and not wasted on triviality, wasted on things we really don’t need to worry about. I’m a calmer person since. It actually makes you a sharper thinker – measured and balanced. Stress and anxiety Levels have naturally decreased as well.

Rich is a wonderful teacher of this practice that I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in personal development and self-awareness. Interested in removing themselves from the high-pressure lifestyles we lead – removing these unnecessary pressures.”

“my experience of the Vedic meditation course was amazing. It was really peaceful, relaxed, insightful, easy and enjoyable, manageable for a busy mum of 3 to complete the course and a nice spiritual element that was authentic. The technique has been my lifeboat. It helps me cope with the daily stress and anxiety of being a mum. It’s helped me to be more present, mindful and peaceful when I’m not meditating. It’s brought me to a deeper state of being.

Rich is an amazing teacher. Very knowledgeable and wise, yet approachable and real, authentic. I like that you combine the spirituality of the teaching with science and psychology. You are a caring and supportive teacher continuing to take interest in your students practice after the course has been completed.”

“I am a 44-year-old man who has done his fair share of bottling up (as we men tend to do) and would also say that I have had my fair share of stress and trauma over those years and never really dealing with them completely.
After the loss of my father and not long after the split of a seventeen-year relationship, I decided to take action in the form of healing myself. I tried and persisted at a few different types of mediation though I could never quite find anything that worked for me.
After more research and a midlife crisis which led to a breakdown, I came across Vedic Meditation as being one of the simplest forms of meditation to achieve a meditative state. That’s when I found Rich Muir. Just by speaking to him I immediately felt a connection to his calming energy and made a date to sit the course.
In the first 2hr session after receiving my personal mantra, I went into a state of what I can only call ‘Bliss’. Not once, but twice in my very first Vedic Meditation session.
After just a week of practicing Vedic Meditation and following the simple teachings from Rich, the noise in my mind and the brain fog are already starting to clear. If you are searching for some clarity, or peace of mind then I implore you to contact Rich and book a course today.”

“Words fail me when I try to encourage others to do your course and I find myself reverting to describing a feeling. I have this ridiculous calm at the most strangest of times and great clarity in my mind. The balance it’s created in my life is life changing. It truly is the best investment I’ve ever made in myself. The number of triggers in my life has dramatically decreased and I find myself grateful in really weird situations where the old me would have gotten upset. There is so much calm in my life and it really has provided me the opportunity to pursue my creative aspirations by removing the fear I use to carry with me. Meditation really has put so much value back into my life. 

I’m not sure that I’d describe you as a teacher but rather a gift giver. Your generosity to share your personal experiences really fosters the groups ability to be open hearted to the process of learning meditation. Your naturally supportive and caring energy is instantly felt and dissolved my anxiety immediately. Thank you for teaching me. I will be forever grateful that I get to meditate. “

“I loved the experience of the course, it was a good group of people who were interesting and not too overpowering. It felt very comfortable and it was a great learning experience for me. Exactly what i needed at the time.
I definitely feel a lot calmer and relaxed, I haven’t exploded at the kids as much and I seem to have the ability to think with more clarity. On some occasions after meditation I have felt very content and happy, others less so. Sometimes i get frustrated and not sure if its doing anything, But in general i can feel its benefits. I know giving up the booze has had a significant impact on my mood as well.
Rich was very friendly and welcoming. It seems like he has a lot more knowledge about related areas (psych etc) which I am interested in and studied a (long) while back. I liked the scientific approach he gave, and discussed the evidence for TM. Also, I liked the fact he is a ‘normal’ bloke teaching the technique, rather than some people you may expect, who are trying to portray an image of a what a meditation teacher might be (bangles, mystic, aloof, worthy)”

“I used to find that carving out time for meditation was another thing to do on my to-do list, it seemed to taunt me as another thing that required effort. I found that my meditation time would be a few minutes before bed which would usually leave me asleep before I finished.

Vedic Meditation has taken the stress out of meditation. It’s effortless, it only takes 20 minutes and in the scheme of things the benefits of this saves me time in the long run.

I found myself becoming tense and cranky in the morning routines to get kids out the door. My stress levels seemed to rise as each minute ticked by – now I feel like I can stand back from the chaos and choose where I step in (instead of previously jumping in at every little morning niggle between 3 kids).

On the days I can get another 20minutes in before the kids get home from school, our house is more peaceful. My words are much kinder and I’m more understanding of their needs because I’ve had a chance to come back to my body, release some stress and receive similar benefits of 2hrs sleep.”

“As a result of this daily practice I can say that I have changed in ways I didn’t expect or have any say over. I find myself not holding onto grievances. I feel generally more relaxed. Things still stress me but the feeling doesn’t linger like it used to. I am calmer and happier around my kids. I’m more patient with them in stressful situations and even if I do ‘lose it’ and get upset or angry, the feeling dissipates much sooner than it used to.

Before I started the practice, I would finish a day of work teaching, bring some of the accumulated stress home and interact with my family in ways that I later regret. Now, when I take 20 minutes to mediate after work and before seeing my family, it feels like I hit the reset button and put myself in a better mindset for positive interactions with them. I now fit my life around my daily practice because the daily practice has such a profound effect on my life. I look forward to it!

Rich has been great. His communication after teaching the method has supported my continued commitment to the practice. Friendly, honest, relate-able and knowledgeable. I thank him for teaching.

I still meditate every day, it’s amazing! Even my partner is saying that he can feel the difference. 
I’m currently challenged with a shorter temper as things start to shift up a notch in my body with my pregnancy, so I definitely benefit from those small quiet moments and am grateful to have meditation as another toolkit to help me navigate the exciting journey ahead.

“Calming the ocean of the mind” this is the one meditation I’ve come across that truly allows me to achieve “mental clarity” in the busy daily lifestyles we are currently living. With an awesome calm and warm hearted teacher that is always there to answer any questions keeping you on the right track, this meditation is truly a blessing!
A big thank you to Rich Muir.”

“Learning this form of meditation has been life changing for me. Vedic Meditation will reduce the stress you experience and in turn help prevent stress related disease and pain syndromes. I suffer from an autoimmune disease that is exacerbated by stress and this has been a game changer for my health.”

I have been a Police Officer for 18 years and as a result have PTSD. Since my diagnosis I have tried guided meditations, sound meditations, breath work etc… as much as these methods have helped, I was amazed when I took part in the Vedic Meditation course with Rich at The Meditation Spot. It is the simplicity of the Vedic meditation method, which really helped me, as I had trouble with previous methods to quieten my mind due to my PTSD. I highly recommend giving Vedic meditation a go for whatever reason it is that has caused you to look into mediation, especially for those who have trouble quietening the mind. Rich was an amazing teacher, not only because of his calm nature, but for his knowledge in this method and in mindfulness in general. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thanks Rich.


“I know it’s early days but I know in myself already that it’s bringing me into a new level of chill. I enjoy it.

I don’t do anything else in my life that is really ‘still’. No yoga or breath work or mindfulness- so I feel more connected to my body and baby doing this. And because I know intellectually everything you said is true- I can almost feel my body healing itself when I sit there. Honestly Vedic meditation is what I have been looking for for years. I’ve wanted to learn to meditate but this is effortless so I see it going great long term.

Also one other thing- when in class you used the example of kids being fast cars and adults adding carriages, absolutely resonates. That’s how I feel post kids- unnecessary weight- couldn’t even tell you the source of it but I’ve noticed the feeling because it changed so quickly. Some of it is probably just the season I’m in- demanding, tired etc but I’m looking forward to chipping away at all of the extra unnecessary weight that I have no interest in carrying forever!”

This is one of the best things i have done for myself. When i heard it was 20 mins x 2 daily I thought I would never be able to achieve this but I actually have and now its just a daily experience for me. It is an experience of a lifetime and feels so normal.

Rich is awesome he made learning so simple, hes a friend you will have for life.

This meditation is so NOW

We live at such a fast pace with things happening all the time but this is so doable. Rich is someone you can contact anytime for help and guidance

I am sleeping so much better and I feel loads calmer and seem to be able to tackle day to day dramas in a more controlled state. My first day to do course I was beside myself and nearly gave up I couldnt find the place I was frantic because i was late. Walked in fell over myself apologising and Rich are here now thats all that counts From than on I keep thinking ..yep I am in the right place
Forever grateful Rich”

“I was initially planning to draft my feedback on day 28 of the practice. Since I am already reaping the benefits, there is no time better than the present. (No pun intended). Oddly, my behaviour and emotions have undergone a significant shift in the 3 weeks of meditation.

Lately, I have experienced far less fear over situations that I cannot control. I’ve navigated some tough conversations without getting emotionally invested in the reactions of others. I could meet ever-changing circumstances with equanimity and a new level of detachment.I could catch myself in the middle of a negative thought, and choose again.

I feel restored and intentional after each session.

The practice itself is unbelievably easy, which made turning up for myself even easier. I genuinely believe attending this transformative course was better than booking a holiday. The practice will help you as much as you are willing to keep an open mind. This will be the kindest thing that you do for yourself. Rich is an effortless, down-to-earth, and generous teacher. Thank you for making meditation, make sense. The group meditation was a great setting to meet others who are seeking the same access to inner peace.”

-I think one of the best things about it is how much it has helped me with fatigue. On the day of and the next two days of chemotherapy I experience very intense fatigue non-stop and at some point, the feeling of exhaustion feels too much. Since I started meditation, these days feel a little less intense. I do feel like even though the fatigue is not gone, it is not as crippling. Also, on the next days with meditation I am able to do some things like going to the beach, going to cafes… whereas, it would take me an entire week to recuperate before ( in saying this also my body has gotten better at knowing what to do to protect against chemo and recuperate quicker)

– I definitely feel way way way more less reactive and more present which is allowing myself to feel the good parts of life more often
– lastly, at the moment I feel so inspired to find the best version of myself and I started to read lots and lots of stuff about the universe, how our brain works and I’m learning so much

this feels like a journey in itself while also I’m on another journey since the cancer diagnosis. But honestly, if I look back say 4 months ago and someone told me that I would become this person, who regardless of the circumstances, is able to feel all these amazing things ( and the best part is that I only need myself for that!!!) I would have not believed them.

“Man I have been LOVING this practice so damn much

 It’s been no effort at all to find the time, is something that I’ve been looking forward to as soon as I wake up and again throughout the day – no part of it feels like a chore or just another thing I have to do – which is a dream!

I know it’s still early in and have got my marker on my mirror so it’s at the forefront until the habit really forms, but I truly feel that this is such a powerful practice I can’t imagine not wanting to prioritise it! Life feels a little lighter and there’s just a softness to how I hold and see myself and the world around me.

I really appreciate the knowledge and wisdom you shared and the way that you were able to which touches so perfectly on our shared human experiences. I was moved. I have a feeling the weekend will be one of the most influential in my journey and best investments I could have made for my well-being.. it feels like finding the missing piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly in its place

Thanks for so graciously holding space for us all, it was so inspiring and am just excited to continue on with the daily practice!

“I recently completed a weekend course of Vedic Meditation with Rich from the Meditation Spot and found it highly useful. Vedic meditation has research and scientific backing, with is highly important to me. Rich is an engaging presenter, who clearly and simply explains the background, principles and practice of Vedic Meditation in a very user friendly manner. I have found that I am calmer, more responsive, less reactive and more considered in my approach in both my personal and professional worlds since beginning to practice Vedic Meditation.”


“I wish I could get everyone to do your course. Totally life changing.

It’s changed everything. I crave my meditation like coffee. And have been able to do 20 mins in the morning and the 20 mins in the evening really easily.

My reaction time to my daughter and my husband is noticeably calmer. Im sleeping better. Had zero anxiety for the last 8 weeks. My husband new catch phrase for me is “You’ve changed” !!!

When you talked about searching for something your whole life and to find Vedic meditation and realised you have stop searching – I can totally feel this. No book, motivational speaker will do what this meditation does !

“I would like to thank you for your help with the Vedic Meditation Course, I have tried to teach myself a couple of different Meditation practices in the past and found it very difficult, however, I found doing your Course and the follow-up meetings to be very helpful with my depression. I also find the group Meditations to be helpful in fine-tuning my practices. Meditation is now something I look forward to each day, thanks again.”


“Meditation has personally been the most challenging part of my wellness journey to embrace. I did not believe it had anything to offer me. I was so wrong. As a nutritionist, I believed the most important factor for health and wellness was the food we put into our mouths.

Whilst I maintain the belief that this is of critical importance, I also believe we need to watch what we put into our minds like what we watch, read, listen to and the people we surround ourselves with as well as practices like meditation. I can now speak from (some) experience after committing to one month of Vedic meditation, 20 minutes, twice daily that my mind is a calmer place. It is safe to say the investment of time is paying dividends for me.

The biggest personal shifts I have noticed so far are: Feeling really deeply peaceful & relaxed (more often than not)
Improved sleep & dream recall My body feels less tense Greater sense of clarity and productivity and less ‘busy thoughts’ < More responsive, less reactive in challenging situations

Such a goodie to have in the health & wellness toolkit. It is also an excellent thing to do on a flight to combat stress or help you relax so you can sleep or reduce anxiety if you are an anxious flyer. Any form of meditation (even guided apps) will help calm your body and brain and support you towards that blissful parasympathetic state of being. We need to be aware of what we put into our bodies emotionally as well as physically. If you are in Brisbane or the GC check out @richmuir.meditation he is an epic human and resource.”

“A big thank you, we all enjoyed it so much and I know that it will be such a blessing to have this form of meditation in our lives. I already feel calm, cool and collected and remembering how important it is to “Live In The Now!”

“Happy to report that I’m 3 weeks in with my Vedic meditation practice of 2 x 20 mins a day and I’m noticing how I’m craving it. I’m starting to feel that internal flutter when I wake – ‘ooo I can’t wait to meditate’ and it doesn’t feel like I’ve completed my day if I haven’t had my afternoon internal decluttering time. One of the most profound shifts that I have noticed as a result of this practice is that after experiencing debilitating period paid my whole life, this month I had none. Not even an inkling of pain…! I can’t even begin to express how tremendous this is. It’s a beautiful practice and I’m so grateful for Rich Muir for sharing this with me”


“My wife and I are business owners and parents and we come up against the usual stresses and deadlines that these roles create. Stress and pressure are ever present in our lives but towards the end of 2021 they seemed to become less manageable. We needed to do something to release the pressure valve and are always looking for ways to improve our lives and general outlook. We were interested in meditation but didn’t think we could fit the practice into our daily lives. Sarah did a lot of research and came across the Vedic style of meditation after being mentioned in a podcast. It sounded great so we researched local providers. Rich stood out immediately.

We loved that Rich had lived an interesting and adventurous life and he had come to Vedic mediation after trying numerous other techniques of self improvement, enlightenment if you will. To us, this saved us the need to try other things too.

We felt comfortable with Rich from the first call, his warmth and genuinely engaged style made him so easy to talk to and he took the time to go through the process and answer all our questions.

Rich was incredibly accommodating with our course, booking times and locations that suited us. The course was beautiful, a truly wonderful experience. Rich is such an insightful teacher and provided all the information we needed – the history, the science, the strategy all delivered in accessible and digestible format with real life examples of his own and other pupils to make us feel comfortable and not out of our depth. It was an amazing 4 days and we felt so grateful to have had that experience.

Rich has been available since completing the course to navigate any bumps in the road and provide any clarifications needed. As for the practice, it’s amazing how easily you can find the time if you want to. And we have both wanted to! Even in these early days we feel calmer, more clear minded and a general sense of increased well-being. I’m sure we’ll be joining future group mediations with Rich and are working to find a way to get to one of his retreats. After completing this course, it’s clear everyone would benefit from this practice but certainly those in leadership roles (employees or entrepreneurs) who have responsibility for the lives or livelihoods of others.”

I am writing to thank you again for your teachings, please keep up the online sessions too.
I’ve had a challenging time this past year emotionally, but the meditation has helped me to listen within.
I find that as soon as I sit down in the chair to start the Vedic meditation, my intuition just starts loud and clear. Short and to the point.
Example, a year ago one morning when sitting, I heard just 3 words out of the blue: “avalanche of sorrow.” I was puzzled. What sorrow? and “avalanche“ isn’t a common word in my vocabulary..
I wasn’t expecting my father to pass away then at all…and he died 4 days later, and we were by his side (age 96).
And the past year has seen about 8 other close people passing, ( I’m 67 so I guess it’s our age group’s parents and also older co workers and friends etc) and now my mother is nearing her passage (also at 96).
Now I’ve discovered what grief can be like, when I had very little experience of it before.
 Interesting; and the meditation makes me sit in the chair and shut up long enough to just be still, and listen, for a change.
Thank you again, I am writing this to encourage you to keep going in your meditation teaching. I’m sure it helps people open up in all different ways.
Best wishes
Lyn (Maykin-Perez)