How meditation can reduce the chance of cardiovascular disease?

If you want to go past my initial plans and get to the hardcore science scroll down to the heading Crazy Study. I get it; sometimes our practice can seem to have stalled, or not “getting anywhere,” but that is primarily because of our expectations, which are really just a waste of mental space and […]

Vedic meditation can help relieve and alleviate anxiety

I have worked with countless people over the years who have suffered from Anxiety and seen first hand the benefits offered by implementing this practice. Here’s why Vedic Meditation (VM) is an approach to meditation that has gained significant attention for its potential to alleviate anxiety, among other psychological stressors. This method is not just […]

Vedic meditation: A Breeze of Relief for PTSD Sufferers

Imagine you’re standing in the eye of a storm, surrounded by chaos and destruction, but you remain undisturbed. This is how many PTSD sufferers describe the experience of practicing Vedic meditation. Although PTSD can be a relentless tormentor, Vedic Meditation is offering a glimmer of hope and solace for those affected by it. So, what’s the […]

Comparing the 3 forms of meditation and their effect on the brain

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years as a means of promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being. There are many different types of meditation, but they can be broadly categorized into three main forms: focused attention, open awareness, and automatic self-transcending. 1) Focused Attention Meditation Focused attention meditation involves concentrating on a single object, […]

I am slightly scared or okay I’ll admit it, deep down I’m terrified.

Beautiful Girl

I like to put myself in positions from time to time to stretch my comfort zones, to expand and evolve. This has seen me do 10-day silent meditation retreats, spirit medicine ceremonies, and fasting in the bush on a vision quest for 4 days with nothing but a little water. But what I am doing […]

Recent study: Meditation Reduces Burnout and depression in physicians


The recent study “Transcendental Meditation reduces burnout and depression in physicians” highlights the benefits of meditation for reducing burnout and depression in the medical profession. The study found that physicians who practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) experienced significant reductions in burnout and depression, as well as improved well-being and job satisfaction. This is particularly important for […]

Does meditation enhance our business performance?

Meditation is no longer just for those that are considered a little left of centre. In fact, the majority of people that I teach are professionals. and more and more business professionals are turning to this ancient practice to boost their performance and productivity. And it’s no surprise why – meditation has a ton of benefits that can help you really […]

5 Reasons why you should not meditate or give up meditation

I don’t have time It doesn’t work for me I am not getting anywhere in the meditations I find it frustrating I am not seeing results Rebuttals… with a little tender love.  I don’t have time:  I debate this with people often. And my first question is really? More often than not comes some bumbling […]

Why Resolutions suck and change Resolutions to

I have a confession, not a fan of resolutions. Neither are the statistics to support that sentiment. 91% of people don’t keep them, so only 9% of people manage to succeed in a resolution. Crazy. Also for me it’s always been this crazy invisible line in the sand that we load up with hefty expectations. […]