One of the many great joys of my life is sharing meditation (along with other tools) to professionals on the fine line of burnout. 

Why? Well, that was me about 20 years ago. Burning the candle at both ends did not work too well for me, by my late 20’s and I was cooked. From there I spent a fortune chasing ways to alleviate my “manageable” chronic fatigue (which also came with a dose of depression), and while there were a few wins it was when I came to meditation (to the amusement of many back then) that I finally made headway. 

Now when it comes to running businesses, avoiding burnout is a paramount concern. So many of the amazing professionals I work with are living life in a large way, pushing the envelope but it can unfortunately come at a horrible cost to their wellbeing. 

This is where meditation really comes in. Not only does it alleviate burnout, but we can play an even bigger game. 

But first we have to get rid of the many misunderstandings of meditation. It is not about “calming or quieting” the mind.

If I asked most of my clients to “calm” their mind, they would slap me after a few failed minutes. 

There is a good reason for that – A calm mind is the byproduct of a calm nervous system. 

And that is my tip for you. 

As of this moment forward, never look at meditation as trying to calm the mind, look at it for what it truly is, a facility to allow us to shut down the aps and reduce the toxic build up of stress in our nervous system. 

This is why science refers to meditation as: Restful alertness. 

Not restful calmness. So your body gets rest, while your mind is busy thinking. 

If you use the right technique (of which there are only 3 forms on how they work on the brain) it can be an absolute game changer for those of us living busy, high performing lives. 

And there is tons of science to show the efficacy of meditation (I’ll save that for later). 

So to ensure you do not get to the end of 2024 with the warning lights on, pick up a meditation practice (preferably the Transcending forms – they are the easiest).