Vedic meditation + Tools To
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and depression

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THE STATISTICS DON’T LIE - Stress makes us sick and stupid

If you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression you are not alone. Research shows that as a global population we are experiencing epidemic levels of these negative influences on our lives. Influences that rob us from living optimally with a sense of well being. Instead for many day to day life seems a battle, for some a mild one and others severe.

And it does not discriminate. From the young to to the elderly, the successful to those struggling, Elite performers (in all fields) to the homeless.

And what is worse, it is not just impacting our current moments, stress, anxiety and depression can wreak havoc on our future.

  • Stress is the biggest killer on the planet 
  • Increases the chance of cardio vascular disease and other health issues
  • Increases the chance of neurological diseases and disorders
  • and more. Chronic stress is so so bad.
We really owe it to ourselves to aim to reduce and remove the toxic impact of living in the fight and flight response.







Statistics on stress, anxiety and depression

  1. Approximately 75-90% of all doctor’s office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints.
  2. Approximately 21.4% (about 4.2 million) of Australians experienced a mental disorder in the previous 12 months.
  3. Anxiety disorders affected 16.8% of the population, with the highest prevalence among females (21.0%) compared to males (12.4%).
  4. Affective disorders were experienced by 7.5% of Australians, with females again having a higher rate (8.5%) than males (6.2%).
  5. Substance use disorders affected 3.3% of the population, with males almost twice as likely to experience this compared to females (4.4% vs. 2.3%).
  6. Younger age groups showed higher rates of mental disorders, with almost 39.6% of people aged 16-24 years experiencing a mental disorder in the past year
  7. Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.
  8. More than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression globally.
  9. The World Health Organization states that more women are affected by depression than men

The Good news is we can mitigate this with Vedic meditation

  1. Practitioners of the Vedic meditation technique show an average reduction of 33% in the stress hormone cortisol.
  2. This technique has also been shown to deliver a 42% reduction in sleep disorders, as well as improved quality of sleep.
  3. Blood plasma lactate levels, which are always elevated in people with anxiety and which are considered the classic marker for it, fall by a hugely significant average of 33%.
  4. Compared to other anxiety reduction techniques, Vedic meditation has been shown to be 250% more effective.
  5. Vedic meditation holds the key to coping with depression and is the best supported of the alternative therapies for depression.
  6. People practicing Vedic meditation are consistently found to be happier, calmer, more energised, more creative and more productive
  7. Tests using Galvanic Skin Resistance (GSR) to measure how relaxed someone is, have shown that, during Vedic meditation, the GSR levels increase by between 250% and 500%. This is more than double what we experience during sleep.
  8. Studies have also shown that after eight weeks of practise, participants demonstrated a 40-55% reduction in symptoms of PTSD and depression.
Vedic Meditation Group Course

Forever Grateful.

“Vedic Meditation …Wow!

This is one of the best things i have done for myself. When i heard it was 20 mins x 2 daily I thought I would never be able to achieve this but I actually have and now its just a daily experience for me. It is an experience of a lifetime and feels so normal.


Rich is awesome he made learning so simple, hes a friend you will have for life.

I am sleeping so much better and I feel loads calmer and seem to be able to tackle day to day dramas in a more controlled state. My first day to do course I was beside myself and nearly gave up I couldn’t find the place I was frantic because i was late. Walked in fell over myself apologising and Rich are here now thats all that counts From than on I keep thinking ..yep I am in the right place. Forever grateful Rich”

— Jenny Truloff


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