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Meditation for the modern world from ancient times and endorsed by science.

Vedic meditation - The Easiest Meditation Technique

Vedic meditation is the meditation for busy people, not monks
yet it has been around for thousands of years and endorsed by science.
No sitting uncomfortably or trying to calm or control the mind.

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Vedic meditation is not a weekly class or drop-in style of meditation; it is taught so that you become self-sufficient in meditation with ongoing support and access to group meditations and refresher courses. You get the benefits from meditation when you do it daily. Not just once a week. In a nutshell, Vedic meditation is for people who want to live their best lives.


Rich has taught over 650 people the art of meditation, here is what a few of them say:


“Rich’s work has changed my life, at the time I was going through a breakup and didn’t know what to do. This was affecting my work and stress levels were really high. This method is easy to use and really effective at clearing my head and getting me back on track.”

James Fletcher
Ben Green


“I just did the Vedic Meditation course with Rich from the Meditation Spot and the whole course was delivered in such a no-nonsense, tangible way that I felt was important. Just made it so relevant to today’s day and age and easy to grasp. It was a fun, relaxed and very informative weekend and the technique I have no doubt will be a very beneficial tool for life!”

Ben Green
Stock Broker
Melissa MacDonald


“Learning this form of meditation has been life changing for me. Vedic Meditation will reduce the stress you experience and in turn help prevent stress related disease and pain syndromes. I suffer from an autoimmune disease that is exacerbated by stress and this has been a game changer for my health.”

Melissa MacDonald
Pete Armistead


“Mostly floating at top of the deep water but must be venturing downwards away from the “chatter” enough during each session because I feel a tangible difference in my contentment. Very calming feeling. Haven’t felt this un-anxious since I cant remember.”

Pete Armistead


“A big thank you, we all enjoyed it so much and I know that it will be such a blessing to have this form of meditation in our lives. I already feel calm, cool and collected and remembering how important it is to ” Live In The Now!”

Sonya Johnson
Christophe Domergue


“I just did my Vedic Meditation course with Rich on the weekend. The process is as easy as he said and I have been meditating twice a day for the last 3 days and I am already feeling more at peace and grateful.”

Christophe Domergue
Art and Design


“Just want to give a huge thanks for the last week and for the knowledge that you’ve shared with me, such a great teaching and I honestly feel like I’ve been blessed with a great tool to help me through life.”

Ben Bartram


“Vedic meditation is accessible and achievable for everyone. It’s effortless and effective, with palpable benefits within a couple of days. I love the simplicity of it. It takes all pressure off so that you actually look forward to the next session. A twice-daily ritual that becomes a life-changing practice.”

Amy Arnell
Nathan Hedge


“I found Rich’s delivery & communication introducing me to Vedic meditation easy to follow & remarkably straight forward. Relieved to learn nothing I needed was outside of me & this form of meditation required zero effort & I wasn’t required to add any MORE into my life.”

Nathan Hedge
Professional Surfer

What is the best form of meditation for me?

Now first up, all meditation is wonderful, but the benefits offered are different and some techniques are far harder than others.

Despite being hundreds of styles (brands) of meditation, there are in fact only 3 in how they work on the nervous system. Concentration forms (Vipassana, Japa), Contemplative forms (mindfulness, guided & visualisation) or self-transcending forms (Transcendental Meditation & Vedic), each work differently when it comes to the mechanics and the impacts to the brain and the body.

Comparing the 3 forms of meditation.

Concentration Focusing the mind to a single point, very hard and challenging in the modern world due to the activity of our brain. Activates the left hemisphere of the brain. The hardest technique. We do not offer this form of meditation.
ContemplativeBringing the mind back to the present moment via specific tools (breathe/mantra) or guided meditations. Activates the right hemisphere of the brain, where present moment awareness and the imagination reside. Easier than concentration as is more effortless.
TranscendentalThis form of meditation activates both hemisphere of the brain, as there is no concentration nor contemplation. And individual receives a phonetic mantra and particular technique. The easiest form of meditation.
Meditation Association

The Meditation Spot is a registered member of the Meditation Association of Australia, which is the peak body that represents teachers and meditation Australia wide.

Meditation Benefits

Science has come a long way in the study of meditation and here are a few of the benefits you can expect from this timeless practice.
Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Improved Health

Improved Health

Improves Focus

Improves Focus

Increase Creativity

Increase Creativity

Better Relationships

Better Relationships

Happiness and Overall Well Being

Happiness and overall well being

"The quality of our mind determines the quality of our life. Meditation increases the quality of our thoughts, our actions and in turn our outcomes."

Meditation Teacher - Rich Muir

Rich has been deeply immersed in the practice of meditation for over 17 years, exploring various forms and traditions. He works with people from all walks of life to navigate the world of meditation and yield its benefits. 

Some quick facts about Rich:
Completing a bachelor’s degree in psychological sciences
Father of 3 (16-24)
Teaches meditation weekly at Eden Health Retreat 

From Rich:
A warm welcome, and thank you so much for visiting our website. I feel so privileged to base my life around teaching people just like you this ancient practice alongside proven powerful science-based stress reduction practices. It is so rewarding seeing how meditation can enhance lives by empowering people to deal with and remove the stresses of life and in turn gain clarity, confidence, creativity, happiness, and connection. This is why I have devoted my life to teaching.

To learn more about me and my intense journey to meditation, click here or even pick the phone up and give me a call, I would love to have a chat with you. I look forward to connecting.

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Who is meditation for?

  • Looking to improve your life
  • Wanting to establish a daily practice of meditation
  • Improve your current meditation practice
  • Want to be taught by an experienced teacher
  • Receive personalised instruction
  • Become a self sufficient meditator
  • Upgrade your life and enjoy more peace and fulfilment

The common myths of Meditation


Reduce Stress and Anxiety


You have to sit cross legged Nope, you just have to sit comfortably on a chair (if you want to sit cross legged you can), the emphasis is on comfort.
Meditation is hard Sure if you're trying to force your mind to stop thinking its going to be super hard. But Vedic meditation is incredibly easy, If you can think effortlessly you can meditate, as this technique is not about concentrating nor contemplating.
You loose motivation for success in the work place No, in fact many students find they perform better in our society with their practice both financially and mentally.
Meditation is esoteric or alternative The scientific benefits of this practice have seen meditation enter the mainstream with many top 500 companies (ie Google) even implementing with staff. So it is no longer a fringe movement, all walks of life get great benefit from this practice.
You stop thinking when you meditate No… maybe for small periods, but the idea of stopping thoughts is like trying to stop a river flowing. This idea prevents many people from trying meditation "My mind is too busy" everyone can do this technique.
Meditation is hard Sure if you're trying to force your mind to stop thinking its going to be super hard. But Vedic meditation is incredibly easy, if you can think effortlessly you can meditate!
Meditation is for Spiritual or religious purposes Maybe in bygone eras, but now meditation is embraced by people with all belief systems: atheists, agnostics, spiritual & religious view points. At the end of the day this is a wonderful tool people use to achieve a deeper state of rest, lower blood pressure, relieve stress and anxiety and many many more benefits that have nothing to do with belief systems.
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Book in a Discovery Call for free and see if Vedic meditation is the right practice for you.

There is no commitment, obligation or pressure, we are just happy to help guide people to the right technique for them.




    If you have any questions or would like to have a chat about how meditation could work for you please give me a call or send an email. I look forward to connecting with you.
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    "The quality of our mind determines the quality of our life. Meditation increases the quality of our thoughts, our actions and in turn our outcomes."