Vedic Rounding & Himalayan Breathwork Retreat June 8-11th Byron Bay

Release, Rejuvenate, Reconnect
Some of the greatest shifts we can have as individuals is when we step out of our daily lives with a purpose to let go of the old and release the stressed, stale aspects of our lives.

Shifting the perspectives that no longer serve us to upgrade our view and experience of life, to feel rejuvenated with a greater perspective and deeper zest for living. In simpler terms a greater connection to who we are.

This is the purpose of this retreat.

If this resonates then we would love for you to join us in Byron Bay for 4 days and 3 nights from June 8-11th 2023.

The core tools we will be using to facilitate this experience is Himalayan Breathwork & Vedic Rounding. Two ancient yet incredibly powerful practices that deeply foster healing and nurturing of the nervous system. Alongside that we will be doing Ice baths, sound immersions, infrared saunas and massages.

“Thank you so much for an amazing experience Rich. I have grown more in four days than in the last 20 of my 64 years. So blessed to have been part of this. Hope to share more wonderful experiences with you on this amazing trip we call life! Much gratitude for your teachings.”
Lia Buckner

Note: In order to attend this retreat, you need to have done Vedic meditation or Transcendental meditation prior to attending the retreat. Rich will be offering a reduced rate for you if you need to learn prior to the course.

Food Dish
The Food

OMG, the food. One thing we pride ourselves on is delivering you a wonderful experience with food. So rest assured you will be nurtured with food that not only tastes amazing but nurtures you on a holistic level. We feel that food is an essential ingredient to connection! Therefore we only use passionate caterers who share a love of the power of food in the role of wellness and joy. The food on the Reconnect retreat is vegetarian and those with other dietary requirements are catered for. .

FEEDBACK “Thanks so much for the incredible retreat. It was so life changing and one of the best retreats I have been on. Hope you carry on well and hope to connect again for more amazing life changing connection. Can’t wait for more rounding. I think i’m addicted haha.” Allie
The experience

Warning: This retreat is not a pamper yourself retreat. This is deep work. Industrial strength meditation, movement and breath to facilitate allowing more of you to shine through. And sometimes to do that we have to “shed our shit”.

On a side note, Rich & Chelsea did actually contemplate calling this retreat, the “shed your shit” retreat, but kinda thought better of it as some may find it a little crass…

But this shedding of such will be a large part of what we do during the retreat.

As it is the dormant stresses, the shadows that really hold us at bay. After all, if we didn’t have those, we would all be feeling far healthier, happier and connected. And live a life in fuller expression of that which we wish to experience. Instead of the same old same old.

AND we will not be shedding by sitting in and rehashing our “stories”, we will be releasing on a cellular level, allowing the unconscious to do what it needs to do via the rounding, breathwork and supportive sessions (sound immersions, massages and discourses).

So here is what you are likely to experience on a day during the retreat:

Up to 8 hours a day of Vedic Rounding & Himalayan Breathwork

Daily immersions into cold exposure
Time in infrared saunas
Daily sessions in nature
Eating nurturing vegetarian foods
Connecting with likeminded wonderful people
Sound immersions with the magical Courtney
A lot of stress release
And a whole lot more

FEEDBACK ” I can honestly say that this weekend gone was probably the best thing I could’ve done for myself in years. And its all thanks to you and your powerful imagery and the others that have helped. I learned so much about myself, found the key to answers that I needed to hear (self-forgiveness, releasing fear and guilt) and this has helped healing process from the mental and emotional challenges I have internally.” Dan Wray

Lake view
Food Dish
The Accommodation

The Accommodation The 2023 retreat will be held at the beautiful Wybalena Organic Farm, set on pristine acreage in the Byron Shire.

The accommodation options range from the stunning main bedrooms with ensuite to shared rooms and cabins.

This property and its accommodation will take you into another world for 4 days, time to get lost from the external world and nurtured in this very special property.

There is also a wonderful space for breathwork, yoga, meditation, sound immersions and other workshops. The space also offers: Swimming Pools Fire circle, infrared saunas, bush walks and loads of nature.

FEEDBACK “In terms of the retreat itself, I have pages of my notebook filled with wonderful musings and little unfoldings and discoveries about myself. I have to say on the final day it dawned on me that this was unlike any stay I had been on – everyone there was there for a reason around meaning, or passion or big decisions to make etc. The thing that really blew me away was the love and support. On that final day I felt so open and grateful and truly surrounded by love and compassion.. It was unlike anything else I have experienced. I loved all of the experiences and think the schedule was great. The first full day I was questioning why I wasn’t feeling any big breakthroughs but I think after years of stress it takes a couple of days to truly unwind or unravel. The second big day was amazing and by the end of it I was exhausted but very happy.” Lauren

The Facilitators

Rich Munir


 Rich has been involved with meditation for over 15 years, and 9 years ago stumbled across Vedic meditation. Immediately he knew he was here to share this ancient practice. He will be guiding you through this powerful practice of Rounding. ”

Alongside his passion for the techniques of meditation, Rich is also passionate about the cutting edge aspects of the scientific exploration of consciousness, which is slowly catching up to what a lot of the ancient masters of the mind seem to intuitively know. Rich is currently studying psychological science.



Chelsea lives and breathes her practice and is on a journey to bring her brightest light to the world.

Using her 20 years of expertise in the Health and Wellness communities, along with her experience at National Level in the sporting worlds of Netball and AFL, Chelsea uses a range of disciplines and techniques when she works with her clients and community.

From Corrective Exercise, Dance and Freedom Movement, Himalayan Breathwork and Sattva Integrative Practise, Yoga and Tai Chi, Ice Baths, Dance and Reiki, Chelsea will work her magic to leave you feeling inspired, energised and empowered.



A Holistic Human Activator sent to teach you how to ignite your own innate healing abilities & catapult you into your life’s true purpose. You see, one day Courtney woke up with a sore throat, the next day she was destined for the Intensive Care Unit & two unexpected throat surgeries. For her, almost dying brought incredible clarity around what was truly important & how she wanted to live her life unapologetically. She is a published Author, Sound Healer, Snow Boarder, Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Astral Taveler & she is on a mission to help heal humankind!

Room Options & Cost

There is only 5 spots left on the retreat. If you wish to come along click the button at the bottom of the page.