Due to the current global situation and restrictions I am only offering private Vedic Meditation classes. Group courses will be reinstated once restrictions are lifted. 

Safe protocols are also adhered to during this time.

I provide one on one courses by appointment. These are perfect for those that require privacy from general public, prefer learning one-to-one or cannot attend group courses due to schedule demands.

The private courses are flexible to fit in with your particular needs and requirements. These can also be suitable for business groups.

The course includes: 

    • A one-hour private introductory talk (either in person or via conference call, if desired)
    • Four x 60-90-minute session one-to-one instruction on consecutive days or Four x 90-minute sessions over two consecutive days (morning and afternoon appointments each day)
    • One private 60-minute consultation, 7-10 days post instruction to consolidate and refine meditation practice and approach (either in person or via conference call)
    • Ongoing support and the ability to attend any group course or meditation groups


Are determined by several factors such as location, if travel or room hire is required and current circumstances. Please contact me here and request a fee schedule.