Meditation is well and truly a part of the mainstream.
With thousands of scientific studies validating this powerful practice.

BENEFITS Of vedic meditation 

Meditation is the perfect antidote to the stressors of life and offers a host of benefits that have been studied under the lens of science. Here are just some of the many proven benefits from adopting a daily meditation practice into your life.


It is now widely known that stress kills us. CardioVascular disease is the leading cause of death in the western world, which is a disease highly linked to stress. Meditation classes have been proven to remove the negative impacts of stress. It lowers blood pressure, decreases cortisol (stress hormone) and reduces our stress response.


With the reduction of stress, you also increase your health, there are many scientific case studies on the benefits of this simple practice reducing the risk of stress-related disease.


With the pressures of modern day living, work-related stress, personal relationships, and painful memories – it’s no wonder almost everyone will experience anxiety at some point. Anxiety is stimulated by a part of our brain called the “Amygdala” – the fight or flight system. Vedic meditation has been shown to reduce hyperactivity in this region and bring a sense of calm to the brain.


The mind is constantly searching for the next item of distraction which can make it hard for us as humans to really get to the heart of who we are. Sitting in your stillness twice a day you start to really hear and attune yourself to the being beyond the ego mind. Strengthening your connection to your true sense of self.


The science is quite compelling as to the neurological benefits meditation Gold Coast offers, and greater happiness is one of the brilliant by-products of this practice. Over time you find your happiness continues to grow and grow.


Through our meditation classes, we become more centred in ourselves which also gives us the greater ability to connect deeper with others. To be able to listen, appreciate and empathise which in turn will create better and deeper relationships.


There have been case studies where inmates learnt meditation in some of the toughest jails in the world, with a violent inmate saying it helped him to pause for one second before acting. That can be the difference for some between making bad decisions and great ones. Meditation gives us the ability to access our higher intellect over our emotions when needed.


This debilitating mental illness is so prevalent in today’s disconnected world. Impacting everything from sleep, happiness, work to home life. Depression is linked to an unhealthy production of, or receptivity to, neurotransmitters and hormones, which are vital to psychological well-being and this is where meditation steps in by producing more happy hormones and empowering us to step out of the shadow of depression and restores balance, harmony, rationality, and positivity to our mind and body.