Case Studies Of Those With Mental Health Challenges

There is so much science to show the power of this practice, but here are a couple of stories that hit home!
“The course I completed with Rich Muir on the practice of Vedic meditation has been life changing. What led me to this course: After many years of working in stressful service and sales positions and having marriage breakdowns I finally cracked. At 62 years of of age I couldn’t do life anymore. I awoke one night and felt like I was having a heart attack. It was frightening at first with my heart racing and my limbs feeling numb and my lungs gasping for breath. Eventually I settled down but when I went to the doctors the next day and told him what had happened he told me that i had had

an anxiety attack and could of had a stroke. My concern was that I really didn’t care if I had died.

My doctor suggested taking a couple of weeks off work but after another month nothing had changed. I eventually had to resign from my job. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t face customers or meet budgets. I just wanted to hide. I wanted my cave.

When I reflect Over the past few years I had been to psychologist, counselors, prescribed antidepressants and other medications. Nothing had worked. Nothing made me feel any better. I couldn’t sleep, I was getting fat, overeating all the wrong types of food, not exercising and drinking too much to escape. To escape what I couldn’t fix. I had been able to fix anything as an electrical engineer in the mines but I couldn’t fix me. I had lost my way. I needed to do something.

I felt like my body and mind were in different places..

I started reading all different types of self help book, I read a book from the library called “ the effortless mind” by Will Williams on Vedic meditation. Something inside me knew this form of meditation was for me. I searched on line and found that Rich Muir was conducting a course in Brisbane in January. I had to see it was for me so I booked in.

When I told friends and family I got mixed reviews. My mates at pool said I would be wearing orange robes and chanting at next weeks comp while my family were supportive and just wanted their husband, son, father and grandfather back. I had lost my way.

The course I attend on Vedic Meditation run by Rich was enlightening. I was given my mantra and joined the small group to learn the practice. I didn’t find it hard to relax with Rich and after each session it seemed to get easier to relax.

Since the course Rich has followed up and I am finding that the practice is about letting go of all thoughts. Sounds strange but I am finding that by Letting your own mind play out each thought as It comes into your mind It lets both sides of your mind create, examine, play out and release all these thoughts.

After the 2 x 20 mins I do each day I open my eyes and as well as feeling relaxed the world around me seems clearer. I feel No stress, no anxiety, no negatives thoughts. It sometimes makes me smile.
I can honestly say I am slowly but surely finding the path of my life’s journey.
 I am centering my mind and finding direction and peace. Allowing what happens to just happen I am so much more relaxed about the future and putting the past where it belongs.

I want to thank Rich and would recommend and encourage everyone to find their own journey through this practice.”
Jeff West

“Hi, firstly let me give you some background about myself. I am 58 years old. I spent the majority of my life in the Australian armed forces. So basically my life has been in a system of very high highs, and very low lows. I really had no choice but to retire in the end due to severe medical and mental health issues. Unfortunately these issues are ongoing, some better some worse. Like everyone reading this post I have been searching for the “magic” pill to help me get through each day, to no avail. It does not exist!

I have spent many years in and out of mental health hospitals, some voluntary and some not. I’ve tried just about every medication that is on the market for my mental health but as usual nothing seems to work. During my multiple stays in hospital the only thing I was drawn to was the mediation classes which were conducted in large groups. I had qualified psychiatrists and psychologists running different sessions. So I was able to get perspective from lots of so called trained people in this field. I continued mediation both as an inpatient and outpatient for years. Although this did clear my mind of some of the chatter most of the time, what I didn’t realise was what I was actually doing was mindfulness and not meditation Now, mindfulness obviously has a place to assist with mental health but I was confused and just thought it was all mediation. Probably because no-one actually explained to me what mediation or mindfulness was. This was after attending years of, I will call it mindfulness.

Now that I have seen Rich I defiantly know that it was mindfulness and not mediation that I was doing. Regardless something kept me drawn to the mindfulness classes both in groups and one on one. It was better then nothing.

My support worker suggested that I try mediation again as this was my priority to help me with my mental health. She basically gave me 10 names of people that run classes on the Gold Coast and said choose one.

After reading each of their web pages and reviews I was drawn to Rich, I really don’t know why it was just something in my head that drew me to him. No hocus-pocus just a gut feeling. After-all I was searching for the best. You don’t ask for the second best surgeon when you’re having an operation! Anyway Rich resides in the beautiful Currumbin Valley. Very tranquil and quiet. I arranged a two day course on mediation run over consecutive days. I was greeted by Rich standing at his door and I knew instantly that this was a very welcoming person, relaxed and easy to talk to.

During the first day I was instructed in a non judgmental and in an easy way to learn what meditation is. Finally, it was nothing that I knew or was instructed previously. It made so much sense now. You can ask Rich anything about meditation and if he doesn’t know the answer then it’s not worth knowing. His exuberance, intelligence is just amazing. He is so easy to talk to and his explanations make it all seem simple.

Rich’s explanations on mediation is so easy to understand, if you are a beginner this course is for you.

During one of our mediations I was able to completely rid myself of all the physical pain that I was experiencing. I couldn’t believe it. I cant even remember a time when I felt no pain. But during the mediation I was totally free of pain, unbelievable I know but its true. Amazing! I still cant believe it but it happened. That brief 20 minutes of being pain free after many years of being in pain is just something that Im sure everyone with pain would like to experience.

During the course Rich goes into the science of mediation Again in a way that is easy to understand and this makes clearer.

I now meditate twice a day and the peace that it provides is something that I don’t have words for. I will be meditating for the rest of my life. Rich also provides ongoing support anytime you need to check in. He is very open and welcoming. So anytime that you have a question or your mediation is not working for you he’s only a phone call away.

For anyone out there thinking about mediation look no further then Rich, he will explain everything you need to know in lay-mans terms and get you on your journey to peacefulness.”

Garry French
War Veteran

Hi, I have been a Police Officer for 18 years and as a result have PTSD. Since my diagnosis I have tried guided meditations, sound meditations, breath work etc… as much as these methods have helped, I was amazed when I took part in the Vedic Meditation course with Rich at The Meditation Spot. It is the simplicity of the Vedic meditation method, which really helped me, as I had trouble with previous methods to quieten my mind due to my PTSD. I highly recommend giving Vedic meditation a go for whatever reason it is that has caused you to look into mediation, especially for those who have trouble quietening the mind. Rich was an amazing teacher, not only because of his calm nature, but for his knowledge in this method and in mindfulness in general. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thanks Rich.”

Jay Prothero

“I am a 44-year-old man who has done his fair share of bottling up (as we men tend to do) and would also say that I have had my fair share of stress and trauma over those years and never really dealing with them completely.

After the loss of my father and not long after the split of a seventeen-year relationship, I decided to take action in the form of healing myself. I tried and persisted at a few different types of mediation though I could never quite find anything that worked for me.

After more research and a midlife crisis which led to a breakdown, I came across Vedic Meditation as being one of the simplest forms of meditation to achieve a meditative state. That’s when I found Rich Muir. Just by speaking to him I immediately felt a connection to his calming energy and made a date to sit the course.

In the first 2hr session after receiving my personal mantra, I went into a state of what I can only call ‘Bliss’. Not once, but twice in my very first Vedic Meditation session.

After just a week of practicing Vedic Meditation and following the simple teachings from Rich, the noise in my mind and the brain fog are already starting to clear. If you are searching for some clarity, or peace of mind then I implore you to contact Rich and book a course today.”

Dean Brennan
Vedic meditation was the best investment of my life!  During a time when a lot was happening in my personal life, I couldn’t get out of a fog and the emotions, stress, anxiety was running at the highest ever in my life!  When meeting Rich on my first session, his energy was calming, soothing and just a bliss to be around!  After the first session, I felt the difference instantly – a sense of calm, less fogginess, release of emotions, my stress and anxiety felt in tact.  The rest of my time with him was incredible to understand how it works.  I find many people are afraid of mediation as they think it will be some scary thing to go through but in reality, its nothing like that!  You open your eyes feeling more aware, in the present moment and finding much clarity to your life in all areas without any painful experience!  It’s truely something that anyone and everyone despite their circumstances would benefit in their everyday lives to a more fulfilling, awakening, joyful experience during their life time. 
I have now been practicing Vedic meditation for a little over a month and everyday is greater than the day before.  I am more focused, calmer and find clarity in every aspect of my life.  It has been a total life changing experience that one can never expect until they have done the course. 
I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!  Rich was great to talk to as he has had life experience and has been on this journey for many years now.  Discussing things with him was honourable to have his insight and knowledge.  He is the best and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone!  I never wanted him to leave with his beautiful energy! Haha.
Thank you Rich for being my teacher and I’m so grateful and appreciative that I got to meet such a wonderful human with such amazing energy and knowledge.