So last year I ran another science experiment on myself (i’m a slow learner, done this one quite a lot) one which I knew deep down my heart was trying to guide me away from, the results I knew, but for some reason, I persisted. 

The experiment was to eat foods that I knew end up making me feel crappy, in fact, they lead to fatigue and a depressed form of energy (I liken depression to repressing the heart’s guidance and desire, I know there can be many forms, but this for me works). You see, I love pizza, burgers, pasta, chocolate, croissants, and sourdough; now they seem harmless enough. But for me, the hidden sugars and gluten are like kryptonite (despite showing no intolerances).

Inflammation flares up with joint pain and energy and mood drops. Viscous. 

And life just starts to feel way more challenging. 

So what does this have to do with my heart, and science? 

Well, I truly believe we have an inner guidance system, and it is constantly providing feedback to us, what is this feedback? Well, feelings, of course. 

If you feel terrible, moody, anxious, depressed, fatigued. depleted, frustrated, angry etc you are not in attunement to yourself. Now I am not talking about a rare moment, it is if your baseline is constantly living with these stressors. 

We have a nervous system with its own pharmacological resources that we can tap into. And if we can modify our behaviours, change our internal chemicals and feel “lit up”, should this not be our number one priority? We will feel more alive, more compassionate, more kind, more creative, and more intelligent (all benefits we get too from our daily meditation practice). 

Now, back to my science study. 

In December, my heart and body were screaming at me. So I “had to make a change” it was no longer an option; I cut out all processed foods and the majority of carbohydrates and just started eating primarily clean protein and fats and vegetables (except I certainly relented for the few days over xmas).

Within 2 weeks, my energy levels were back up and firing, inflammation started to disappear, my mood was so much better, and I was more creative, positive, and just happier in the moments. 

It is crazy. If you want some science on what sugars do to your brain check out the podcast with the Huberman Lab interviewing Dr. Robert Lustig. Fascinating listening.

Anyway, so now looping back to what has this got to do with the heart. 

In a remarkable study by the HeartMath Institute, they uncovered that our hearts sense events before they happen, responding to future stimuli even before our brains do – I love that science is exploring all this. So, when my heart was urging me to switch to cleaner eating, it wasn’t just a fleeting feeling—it was deeply intuitive as a call from a better future. I tried to ignore it, but thankfully took action, and since then, the cascading effect has been remarkable. 

Raise your energy, raise your experience of life. And this is why I have loved the concept of loading my bases, so even with meditating, ice baths, saunas etc, I was still getting fatigued and moody. I was running on the wrong fuel. Change the fuel system along with those other practices and the game changes totally. I can turn that light up way higher.

So if you want to make 2024 a far greater year, tune into the guidance system within your heart, the Vedic tradition calls it following charm, science and the west call it intuition, whatever word. Deep down, I believe you know what you need to do – inside the blueprint it’s all there; we just have to start to walk the path that leads to the highest expression of you. And I too believe that is what you are here for. 

Now charm, intuition, your feelings may be asking you to move in the following ways: 

Whatever it may be, tune into what would feel right for you, use that great tool of your imagination – it is the key – and take actions towards that. 

Let go of outcomes, be focused on the process and steps, such as me, just daily choosing to eat foods that support me, the energy naturally returns at some point. And remember a tomato does not grow the day after planting a seed, so just turn up, water the seeds (action) and move in the directions that light you up. 

And if this is hard, keep meditating daily, tune into your heart each day and overtime this information/intuition/charm will make itself clearer, and follow that! 

Much love and till next time.