Can a word make such a difference?

I came to an astonishing realistation. One that impacts many if not all the aspects of my life. The realisation is that there is one word that is the linchpin to becoming all I am here to be, and the lack of it is the linchpin to me being all that I do not wish […]

The invisible friendly enemy

This friendly enemy is too a gift, a wonderful gift when needed (which is rare). But it has become a little too close, something we rely on, way too much, and the unfortunate reality of this, is the relationship has become toxic. Not just emotionally, but physically.  It robs us from all the wonder of […]

Stress Management Technique: Two Fast Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety at Work


According to science stress makes you sick and stupid. Basically when we get stressed we lose access to our critical intelligence and creativity. Plus stress downregulates our immune system. Hence the sick and stupid comment… And I am sure you agree intelligence, creativity and a sense of being healthy are pretty vital to perform at […]

A midnight visit to emergency during me running a retreat

Mark: So Rich, what are your thoughts on CPR? Me: What do you mean? Mark: Well, in case you have a heart attack tonight would you want me to resuscitate you? Heavy question right, now let me set the scene. This was 10.30pm, the 2nd night of my Rounding retreat last month. Mark and I […]

Does love really make a difference?


Hey wonderful people, hope life is great and your meditating… As the more people meditating the more positive energy goes out into the world. Oh hold the line Rich, that sounds a little on the airy side. Ah yes I get it, but let’s cast aside those thoughts for a moment and have a read […]

Do you create your reality?

It’s a big call right. Like really I’ve created all the shit in my life, all the amazing stuff (okay will take that..) but really why would I have created all the suffering we experience. And surely I didn’t create CoronaVirus, or environmental disasters, wars or poverty and financial hardships. Phh where do we draw […]

Can meditation really help reduce stress levels in the workplace?

Did you know that over 50% of all workplace absenteeism is due to stress? Crazy right! As well as being the biggest killer on the planet. So stress is not just some emotional reaction we experience. It is actually a pollutant to our bodies. Good in very small doses when we are in life or […]

Naked, Hungry & Tears

So Rich how was sitting alone for 4 days with no food in a 3-metre circle and sleeping under the stars? Hmm, that is such a loaded question. Cathartic to say the least, incredibly expansive yet quite the challenge. I got so much out of just being in the eternal moment without any distractions other […]

Meditation and your immune system


Did you know that Dr Joe Dispenza had uni professors inject Sars Covid 19 into the blood work taken from people attending his retreats. There were 3 samples, pre retreat (no experience with meditation), after retreat (1 week of intensive meditation) and daily meditators. The pre retreat blood work showed a viral uptake, after a […]

Time for renewal and to also avoid suffering from new years resolutions

Main Road

Gosh I used to put so much pressure on the new year. Oh the clock has turned over and it’s a brand new year, big lofty goals, big aspirations, lets go! I’d race into the year pumped and excited with my almighty self chomping at the bit. Then if I didn’t achieve the goals it […]