If you are an existing Vedic or TM meditator on the Gold Coast (or visiting) here are some of the additional offerings that I provide:

Group Meditations

I run group meditations from my property in Currumbin Valley. These are intimate experiences and only cater for a small group.

If you wish to be notified of upcoming group meditations fill in the form below.

Rounding Days and Retreats

Rounding is an advanced practice which is available to Vedic (or TM) meditators).

To be kept up to date for these days or retreats fill in the form below.

Advanced Meditation Technique

If you have been meditating consistenly for over 12 months you can adopt the advanced meditation technique.
Investment: $400

" Rich Muir is an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation. He is not affiliated with the Maharishi Foundation, any registered owner of a Trademark to the terms. "