This friendly enemy is too a gift, a wonderful gift when needed (which is rare). But it has become a little too close, something we rely on, way too much, and the unfortunate reality of this, is the relationship has become toxic.

Not just emotionally, but physically. 

It robs us from all the wonder of life, all our individual creativity, our desire for intimacy, connection and joy.

This relationship makes us sick and stupid. We are like addicts tethered to that which brings us undone. Unconsciously continually acting out on this friend’s encouragement.

This relationship, if continued in an unhealthy way, will kill us.

What is this enemy you speak of Rich?

You probably have already guessed it by name and all the familiar chemicals that come with it.


A six-letter word that I would say is the most dangerous word in existence. There are not many other things that can destroy us emotionally and physically. Leaving us shadows of our former selves that we have vague recollections of. Or can too physically kill us.

Stress has many hats, depression, anxiety, aggression, irritability, disconnection and way more.

It is the thief in the night who sneaks in and leaves our spirits hanging out to dry.

If that all felt a little over the top, or a little accentuated. I get it, but the unfortunate reality is it is not.

90% of all diseases are caused or complicated from stress
60-90% of all dr visits are stress related symptoms

When we look at the science of what “triggering stress” in our nervous system does to ourselves, it is insanity. And for the most part this gift of the stress response (truly a wonder when we do need it in life-or-death situations) is a neurological response to stimuli. In other words, a response we activate based on certain information.

And for the most part that information does not require a dump of the stress hormones. Great for fighting off attacking dogs, really not needed for a response to running late to work.

The good news however is – after that reminder of the toxicity of stress is – is that meditation has been scientifically shown to reduce the activity of the trigger for the stress response (amygdala). Aiding us to pull the finger of that dam trigger…

You become more powerful in life when we can choose to RESPOND rather than REACT.

Our reactions are based on passed programs and defaults, responding gives us power to choose the best appropriate actions for the situation at hand.

And in doing that, you stop the flood of the chemicals listed before that over time will corrode our physical and mental wellbeing.

How this works is meditation takes us into the sympathetic nervous system and out of the fight of flight system. Doing this continually aids the brain’s processing powers to be able to deal with situations with more grace rather than default stress patterns. This equals a better you.

So, in a nutshell, the purpose of this long stress blurb is again to encourage you to do your daily meditation!

Meditate, stress less, breathe, engage and move towards that life that you want to be living.

You will live longer, healthier and happier if you continue to meditate.

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