Hey wonderful people, hope life is great and your meditating… As the more people meditating the more positive energy goes out into the world. Oh hold the line Rich, that sounds a little on the airy side. Ah yes I get it, but let’s cast aside those thoughts for a moment and have a read with an open mind, yet questioning mind.

Now on to meditating and the ripple effect, just google the concept called the Maharishi effect. In a nutshell it states that our individual consciousness affects the collective. And there have been many scientific studies to show and validate this. From reducing crime rates and reductions in war activity during mass & Vedic meditation. I know, I know again it sounds left field but just keep the mind open and go do a little research. When we understand the mechanics of it, it actually makes a whole lot of sense.

But to do my own research I ran my own experiment.

Does love really make a difference to the world outside of conscious space (a trippy thought is there is no world outside of that… thanks quantum physics…)

Here’s what we did. We bought 2 plants that were the same species, the same size, put them next to each other and watered them the same. There were no other external variables. However, we directed love to one of the plants. Each day we would spend a few moments sending some good vibes in the direction of the plant, I would cup my hands around it and tell it I love it (yes again left field but look at the results) while we would ignore the other.

So, here’s what happened. After 4 weeks the plant we directed love to which you can see below grew a whole extra arm which is double the size of the original plant. And as you can see the plant without the new growth has barely grown at all. The bud is there but yet to sprout.

I don’t know about you but to me that is a crazy result. The only difference was one plant got love the other still water but no energy in its direction.

What is the take away for me? Well a little love goes a long way. Put the positive energy and love feeling in the direction of life and growth occurs. Creation. Abundance what ever words we want to apply. This even applies to sending love to ourselves, Ram Dass one of the people I advise listening too used to tell himself continually “I am loving awareness”.

So if you want to feel better, experience more love and joy, the answer seems a little too simple. But send positive love and joy energy out into the ether and it will start to grow.

Much love and sending some love in your direction!