It’s a big call right.

Like really I’ve created all the shit in my life, all the amazing stuff (okay will take that..) but really why would I have created all the suffering we experience. And surely I didn’t create CoronaVirus, or environmental disasters, wars or poverty and financial hardships. Phh where do we draw the line?

I know this may seem like some new agey idea. But if we dig a little deeper even physicists are exploring such ideas that our consciousness creates reality.

So let’s just think about this for a moment.

If indeed we do create our reality, it means we have to accept that we are the creators of our lives. The artist and the author.  And that is where I think it gets a little scary for us. Like really I’m the cause of my life?

We cannot hide behind anything if that is the case. Yep definitely a little scary…

So let’s just open our minds for a moment and explore this concept a little further.

Now first up, let’s just get rid of the elephant in the room.

I don’t believe for a fraction of a second that I created the world, diseases, famines and wars. Nope there’s definitely some rules that exist in the physical plane that I or you have control over, potentially we can influence but they are there without our input.

Yet I do believe I am creating my experience of my reality. This can be a hard pill to swallow when life is not going great, and I have been in the trenches many times when I would have loved to lay the blame at the foot of someone or something else.

From illnesses to financial hard times. Would surely have loved to go yep, thanks mum and dad for the shitty genes, or thanks to the GFC for decimating our business.

But did I on some level create that? Or the experience of that so I can potentially gain something from the experience. Cause if I want to take the praise for all the good I’ve created, I kinda got to stick my hand up and accept a level of responsibility for the bad.

Hmm you’re stretching it a little here Rich…

Oh I know but I do love the left field from time to time.

For example, I was plagued by lower back and hip issues for a lot of my adult life. To the point of having arthritic hip replaced. Yes I know I am too young for that. But with where I sit today I see the potential that on some level I indeed created that.

 Yes, I Inherited the genes that made me susceptible to that, but the field of epigenetics shows that environmental aspects yield more power than our genetics. So while I may have the potentiality it is more of environmental aspects that pull the trigger.

And pull the trigger I did. For a long time I was at war with myself for many years. In fight or flight mode. Battling an invisible fight, being pulled one way by the ideas of society and meanwhile my heart pulling me in others (which I ended up shutting down for quite a while). Just constant friction.

And what is arthritis? Like all autoimmune diseases it’s basically the body attacking itself and the result is a lot of friction as bone rubs against bone.. Body mind connection. Big call? Maybe.

But if I am to say yep, I created my reality with the good stuff and pat myself on the back, then surely I have to put a microscope to the potential of creating some of the bad stuff too.

This comes to the root of cause and effect. A powerful concept.

If for example we look at the issues I had with arthritis. Let’s say from a young age  I was immersed in practices such as Vedic meditation, a diet that was anti-inflammatory to my system, and taught the power of thought over our biochemistry and the dangers of stress. Or even if growing up I felt safe, connected and belonging then there would have been no battle royal, no need to create stress in the body, then I can most certainly see my physical reality could have been vastly different.

So in a nutshell a different consciousness would have created a different reality. Yet I have explored and can see that on a deeper level I did perhaps create these situations, so I would move through different lessons and grow from them (won’t elaborate here that’s another 500 words..)

Now I know this gets into some highly debatable zones. Such as when we have life threatening diseases or losing loved ones. And that my friends I will leave in the hands of the master sages and physicists to answer.

But if we can empower our conscious states to accept our power of mind over body, it certainly would seem possible right that we can also alter our experience of life. Therefore empowering us to create our reality.

As after all your entire life is only ever going to be experienced between your ears…

And if all this is just a little too fluffy for you, try that we can always choose to see things as either good or bad. And that will also shade how we experience reality. Which again, would lend itself to the concept that indeed we potentially do create our reality!