I have a confession, not a fan of resolutions. Neither are the statistics to support that sentiment. 91% of people don’t keep them, so only 9% of people manage to succeed in a resolution.


Also for me it’s always been this crazy invisible line in the sand that we load up with hefty expectations.

So here’s something I think we can shift, move away from resolutions and change the concept to: EVOLUTIONS.

Evolutions feel far more natural. All things in nature evolve. Do they have to resolve to do that? No. Only humans do that. Resolution feels like a lot of force and energy output, evolution a natural movement of energy towards its highest expression.

By all means have directions, goals and targets etc, but I recommend having them as a natural part of your evolution and each day just water the root of your being and take the processes required to fulfil your highest expression (whatever that maybe). Things will come and go, life changes (the only constant) and nothing is static. Evolution is not static where as a resolution feels more of locking in a static output/expectation in the future based on desires of the past. And if you by chance “evolve” during that time that old desire may not be as charming and therefore you “failed” at your resolutions (which can bring about negativity). So I am more for fluidly evolving!