Vedic meditation: A Breeze of Relief for PTSD Sufferers

Imagine you’re standing in the eye of a storm, surrounded by chaos and destruction, but you remain undisturbed. This is how many PTSD sufferers describe the experience of practicing Vedic meditation. Although PTSD can be a relentless tormentor, Vedic Meditation is offering a glimmer of hope and solace for those affected by it. So, what’s the […]

So is Vedic Meditation really easier than other forms of meditation?

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Vedic meditation is a form of meditation called “automatic self-transcending” which is widely recognised or labelled the easiest, effective and most effortless form of meditation. Big call right. In the modern world, it is so easy to make claims and statements, post them online and call it a fact without any supportive evidence. Just go […]

Should I learn Vipassana (10 days noble silence retreat) or Vedic Meditation?


First up, I’m a big advocate of both techniques but for very different reasons. And that comes down to what you want as an outcome. Primarily being, are you wanting to dive deep into your stuff, do some serious soul searching and sit with yourself with no distractions to face all your demons? or are […]