Ready to Learn Vedic Meditation?

In order to learn the Vedic meditation technique, we suggest you become orientated with the practice. For convenience (as we know the time restraints we all have) there are a few ways you can do this:

1: Review the website 
2: Book in a free, personal, no obligation intro call with Rich to learn more about the practice, it’s benefits and to find out if it’s the right practice for you.
3: Or attend a complimentary information night (dates listed below)

NOTE: If you have attended a talk or already know you want to learn Vedic Meditation and want to dive into the next course just click here to select dates that work for you. Book a course

How the Course works

Firstly you can learn this technique in a group format or in a private format (if you wish to learn privately click here)

The technique is taught over 4 sessions (between 60-90 minutes each).

Session 1
The first session when you come to learn Vedic meditation is a private 1-1 session (unless you come as a couple). In this first session you will receive your personalised mantra and the Vedic meditation technique.  Prior to this Rich will perform a short ceremony (called a Puja), this is like bowing when you walk into a martial arts studio..

Session 2-4
Are group sessions whereby we further refine the practice. You will walk away with a comprehensive understanding of how to be a self-sufficient meditator thanks to knowing what is going on within your body and your mind during the practice, and all the possible scenarios you may encounter.

These are fun, dynamic and informative sessions where we also complete each session with a group meditation.

Course Inclusions:

Access to regular follow-up meetings
A private follow up check-in session (either in person or via online meeting)
Access to take a refresher course in the future at no cost.
My support as a vedic meditation teacher dedicated to ensuring you’re getting the full benefit out of the practice.
Access to meetings and group meditations (with myself and other Vedic meditation teachers)

The Course Investment 

Unlike most classes and apps, Vedic Meditation is taught so that you develop a self-sufficient practice (a life-enhancing tool ). So this is not a weekly class. 

Upon learning the technique you will be 100% confident in your ability to access the meditative state.

You also get lifetime access to Vedic Meditation group meditations. (with any teacher of Vedic Meditation) and you also get ongoing support from Rich Muir as your teacher.

Pricing is based on a sliding scale, which is covered in the intro talk and call or you can request pricing via contacting us.


Please note if you are suffering from Financial hardship and feel this technique is for you, please get in contact and we will arrange something for you.

Find a Course that’s Perfect for You
Beginners Meditation Course

All our courses are taught by highly experienced and friendly teachers, no
crystals, no kaftans, just down to earth ancient wisdom to help you live a better life.

  • Learn Vedic Meditation

    If these dates don’t work, you can book
    a private course where you learn one
    on one, on a date and location that
    works for you. We teach loads of private

  • June 11TH-12TH

    Gold Coast Course
    Sessions 1 & 2 Saturday
    Session 3 & 4 Sunday

  • June 13TH-17TH

    Gold Coast weeknight course
    10.30-11.30 for 1st session and 1-2.30 Sat
    Sunday 10.30-12 & 1-3pm

  • July 16TH-17TH

    Gold Coast Course
    Sessions 1 & 2 Saturday
    Session 3 & 4 Sunday

  • July 18TH-21ST

    Gold Coast Course
    Sessions 1 & 2 Saturday
    Session 3 & 4 Sunday

  • August 13TH-14TH

    Gold Coast Course
    Sessions 1 & 2 Saturday
    Session 3 & 4 Sunday