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Private Vedic Meditation Courses Brisbane -
The Easiest Meditation Technique

Many leading professionals world-wide are turning to meditation and for good reason.

In today’s fast-paced environment, where high performance is not just valued but expected, burnout has become an increasingly common challenge among professionals. The relentless pursuit of success and the constant pressure to perform at peak levels can lead to mental and physical exhaustion, diminishing both personal well-being and professional efficacy. However, emerging research highlights the transformative power of meditation as a tool to combat this burnout. 

Vedic meditation has shown remarkable efficacy in rejuvenating the mind, fostering resilience, and enhancing overall productivity. Not only does it reduce the toxic impacts of stress it empowers you to be able to deal with more of the challenges that life throws at us without stressing us out. 

Vedic meditation is a transcending form of meditation and has been around for over 5,000 years and was cognised by householders (like you and I) and has been scientifically been shown to be the easiest meditation while giving us immense benefits. This is due to working with the nature of the mind which is to move, rather than trying to control it. So no matter how busy your mind is, you can do Vedic meditation.

With Vedic meditation there is no sitting uncomfortably or trying to control the mind. We’ve taught countless professionals who thought meditation would be impossible for them only to find out that with this technique not only can they do it, they love it. 

Stress Less, Live More and Perform at High Levels Without Burning Out
Meditation helps bring out the best of us in work, home and all areas of life.

Before I started the practice, I would finish a day of work, bring some of the accumulated stress home and interact with my family in ways that I later regret. Now, when I take 20 minutes to mediate after work and before seeing my family, it feels like I hit the reset button and put myself in a better mindset for positive interactions with them. I now fit my life around my daily practice because the daily practice has such a profound effect on my life. I look forward to it!” Simon Bywater

Benefits of Vedic Meditation

Reduce stress & anxiety
Reduce depression symptoms
Improved health
Improved focus
Increased creativity
Better relationships
Respond rather than react
Improve happiness & wellbeing
Improve work performance
(meditation has had thousands of peer-reveiwed science studies showing its efficacy and highlighting many physiological and neurological benefits).

We Don’t Want To Learn Meditation For The Practice, We Want To Learn Meditation To Help Us Be Better At Life.

VEDIC MEDITATION has been scientifically shown to increase creativity, intelligence and reduce the impacts of stress and burnout.

Learn the Transcending Vedic meditation technique.

Vedic Meditation is taught so you will be 100% confident as a self-sufficient meditator (yet with lifetime support). Learn over 4 sessions (for those that are super busy this can be condensed into 3 sessions) and change your relationship to stress and life:

Session 1: Receive your mantra and the Vedic technique (individuals receive a personal phonetic mantra - no meaning that is a resonant sound t their stage of life and nervous system).
Session 2: Understand the mechanics of the meditation technique and mindfulness tools for how to navigate the daily stressors of life and perform at our highest levels.
Session 3: How stress is removed from your nervous system during meditation and how with the Vedic meditation technique even a busy meditation is beneficial (we are not trying to calm the mind in this practice).
Session 4: Understanding our consciousness and science-based tools for cultivating lasting change and breaking the patterns of the past.

Improve the Quality of your mind

Meditation helps us improve our ability to deal with the stressors of life. And when we alleviate stress we are better at being adaptive, creative, responsive and effective in our roles in life. As well as being far more able to not trigger the stress response in day to day life.
Additionally Vedic meditation aids us to cultivate a stronger connection to ourselves and others.

How to learn

The Vedic meditation course is taught over or 4 sessions (each around 60-90 minutes) over consecutive days (this can be two sessions a day or over sequential days). Private courses are designed to fit into your schedule and can be before work, after work or during work hours.  

The majority of courses Rich teaches are from an individual’s premises (be it business or residence), he also teaches from studios in Brisbane if you would rather a separate location (additional cost). 


When you attend one of our courses you get support for life with your meditation practice. Including:
  • Lifetime support with your meditation practice, you can schedule calls with Rich and help you with any challenges you have with your meditations.
  • A one on one follow up check-in session
  • Attend group meditations with Rich or any Vedic meditation teacher around the world.
  • Re-sit courses, you can re-sit a group course at any time in the future.
  • Online refresher courses, Rich runs online refresher courses during the year, so you can refresh your practice.
Investment: Private courses held in Brisbane are $1,400 when held at an individual’s location or $1,650 if at a studio space.

Upon completion of the course, you will be 100% confident in your ability to be a self-sufficient meditator and greater regulation over your nervous system which in turn will radically help you perform at higher levels.

Rich has taught meditation to over 600 people of all walks of life,
here are some kind words from a few of them

Rich Muir -
Meditation Teacher

Rich has been meditating for 16 years, teaching fulltime for 5 and has taught over 600 people of all walks of life. Rich is currently completing a bachelor of Psychological Science, so he brings a wonderful combination of the ancient practice of Vedic meditation with the latest science in stress reduction techniques.

Rich came to meditation in his early 30s after experiencing depression and chronic fatigue after burnout. Rich embarked on a long and costly journey to find tools and techniques to cultivate a sense of “psychological freedom” and well-being. Rich pretty much tried everything on the way (from walking on fire, NLP, therapists, and coaches, he did most of it…).

He likens all he has done to breadcrumbs that paved the way to meditation. After eight years of stumbling around in the meditation wilderness, he arrived at  Vedic meditation, which he calls the game changer for those of us in the busy world (as most other meditation was designed for monks).

The impact was so powerful for Rich that he sold his business to commit to teaching this practice alongside other science-based stress-release techniques. 

As well as his love for helping others and meditation, Rich is a father of 3, a lover of music, the arts,  surfing, good health, and family pets (horses, dogs, and chickens).

The Meditation Spot is a registered member of the Meditation Association of Australia. Rich is also the meditation teacher at Eden Health Retreat. 

Meditation Association


No, with Vedic meditation it is better for you to be able to sit comfortably, if that is cross legged for you that is fine, but most will meditate on a chair. All that is required is that you sit upright with the back supported.

Don’t worry, most of us have the same concerns, and rightly so as we have between 60-80,000 thoughts a day (according to science) and trying to stop those is near impossible and with Vedic meditation, we are not trying to do that. In fact, if you can think effortlessly, you can meditate effortlessly as well. 

But so many of us have that same thought, I know I certainly did but it is really a big misconception of meditation (although some forms of meditation are certainly harder than others). But with Vedic meditation you will see just how simple and easy it is for you to sit for 20 minutes. In fact many who have tried before are amazed at the effortlessness of this technique and are shocked that 20 minutes felt like minutes!

No not at all, millions of people who benefit from Vedic meditation were non meditators previously. The simple technique you will learn is easy for anyone no matter what previous experience or lack of they have had.

Any time you sit to give yourself time out is great, and apps are some of the greatest tools to have helped thousands of people discover meditation. But to go deeper into the scientific benefits of meditation it is recommended that you experience a technique like Vedic meditation, through which you can create a strong daily practice. Most app developers are experienced meditators and the goal is to get people to open their minds to the benefits of meditation. Once they experience that they can choose to go to the next stage and learn a technique such as Vedic meditation.

Rich has taught people from all walks of life, from CEO’s, seekers, scientists to artists and all in between. Vedic meditation is a science-based practice that is for all walks of life.

No, Vedic meditation is a natural practice which brings great benefit to the mind. The origins of the practice are from India, so there is a small flavour of that in the course but the practice itself has no religious or esoteric aspects. Hence why it is a scientific universal practice that anyone from any religious or non religious belief system can benefit from.

The main difference with Vedic meditation is that it is what is referred to as a automatic self-transcending form of meditation. That basically means you are not concentrating nor contemplating (Which is what all other forms of meditation fall into), Vedic meditation works with the nature of the mind which is to move, and your thoughts are a part of the practice, not something you are trying to control, coherse or stop. Hence why it is known as the easiest form of meditation, your mind is not fighting anything! 

Thankfully meditation has been put extensively under the microscope of science, with thousands upon thousands of peer-reviewed (highest calibre) of studies and shown immense benefit. 
Vedic meditation has too been studied through the studies conducted on Transcendental meditation which shares the same technique and lineage as Vedic. If you want any studies please reach out and Rich can share these with you.

Vedic meditation and Transcendental meditation share the same lineage and technique. Transcendental meditation is an organisation that is doing great work out in the world bringing meditation to many. Rich is an independent teacher and not affiliated to the TM organisation.

Get in touch to see if Vedic Meditation can improve your quality of life. Or you can give Rich a call on 0405 240 688.

Send us an email about any of your questions and we will come back to you asap. Alternatively you can call 0405 240 688

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