For some of us, there is a constant stream of discontentment that hides beneath the thin veneer of our reality.

A thirst for more that often seems to be insatiable.

They may seem happy, cheerful and joyous, but beneath that is a quest for something beyond the everyday reality of the relative world. A craving for peace of mind from the storms raging within, the constant hum and noise of the inner dialogue, man it can be tiring right?

Perhaps they are the deep thinkers, those that feel they do not fit in, those that question what’s it all about as it can often all seem so pointless or perhaps those just feel disenchanted with the pressures of the western model of life.

Leading to a search for happiness, that many find a futile challenge. Hence why we are seeing epidemic levels of depression & anxiety, even amongst those that seem to have it all.

There is really just so much “Dis – Ease” amongst us in the modern world.

But I reckon, this seed of discontent is actually our gift.

And I certainly get that it feels about as far from being a gift as night from day, and if I had not been in those deep valleys then I would by no means offer such throwaway lines.

But it was through my depth of longing to find something that could create a sense of happiness and stability that brought me to meditation. And no, it was by no means a quick fix, I struggled with many forms of meditation and failed for years and continued to find myself hiking in the jungles within in vain. But I had had a taste of the possibilities and on a deep level “Knew” beyond a shadow of a doubt that meditation was the vehicle for me. Thankfully after about 7 years of failing, I came across Vedic Meditation.

Anyway back to the message as this is not about my travels on the roads of despair to belonging.

If we look back through time all the great teachers that have walked this earth have spoken the same similar message.

Happiness and love come from within.

And I quietly think these seeds of discontentment are for many the vital step to start to take the inward journey.

After all, if we were in a happy bubble, we would not search beyond the sphere of our reality. Yet for most of us, that sense of something “not quite right” leads us forward, through trial and error to hopefully where we can all arrive at the same place that meditation has led me. For some, it may come through yoga, for some art, for some music. Whatever it may be, the search is never in vain but we have to come to the complete realisation that, that which we are searching for, is within.

And also once we start to tap into this space within we start to find there is also so so much more…

As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (he is the man responsible for bringing this form of meditation to the west, Vedic meditation teacher) says: “Water the root to enjoy the fruit”.

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