So I was having a chat the other day with a tradie (in his late 50’s), a blokes bloke type of character, no nonsense good Aussie, you could tell just a good guy.

We were just chewing the fat when the conversation took a turn into the deeper realms.

It was triggered when we were chatting about being out of the water due to injury (we both surf) and was saying that I’ve been sidelined from the surf a few times so no big deal anymore, especially as I have other outlets such as meditation and my artistic passions.

To which, he said, yeah you know what?


I actually write poetry, never told anyone that, except my wife.

My reply…

That’s so awesome, thanks for sharing man, that is truly epic and same, I’ve been writing poetry since I was about 16.

He then proceeded to share one of his sacred prose. I was so honored and stoked that he shared this with me. Here’s a guy who’s been creating these great inspiring words into art for years but never shared them with someone, it truly was such an honour.

Driving home after our chat, it really had me thinking, why?

Why don’t we feel like we can share such craft with our friends and family.

And I get it, heck, I don’t think I’ve ever shared my prose with anyone other than my wife and maybe the odd lyric in a drunken moment.

So what is it, that has a lot of us hiding parts of ourselves from the world?

A fear of rejection? A fear of ridicule? That voice, duck for cover? Stay in the safe harbour of our own consciousness?


I also get some may just not feel the need to share, we are just compelled to create and happy with the process, but we did chat how we felt that most just wouldn’t get it.

But maybe that was just our fears, our shadow selves speaking though!

As surely there would be equally those that would get it, or atleast appreciate, support and perhaps inspired by the sharing of our art.

I also think our generation and that of our parents (I’m a Gen Xr) had a lot of the “be a man’s man”, and sure i can only speak for myself as that was certainly my experience.

My Dad – a great man – was that. Big, burly, strong a real fighter, grew up tough, country tough. And didn’t really like my gravitation to the arts. I guess he just didn’t see it as a sound career choice, as everything often came back to money, plus he just didn’t really get it.

Also can’t really imagine a group of aussie guys – I know this is a sweeping generalization – throwing back a few cold ones, whilst listening to some free-form poetic rhymes (again maybe just my fears), now whilst in excessive moments I have certainly played songs I have written but never spoke of my poetry.

He was the same.

I am sure this is not just a male related thing, after all, the insecure artist is a pretty universal and sexless motif.

And I hear you, this goes beyond poetry and arts as well. I think a lot of us have dreams that we let lay dormant, play it safe and keep our heads down. Put that comfortable mask on and chip away at life, only one day to go “wish I had done this/that or at least given it a go…”

I actually find it pretty sad – speaking for myself here – where we feel we can’t step up and go, hey here’s who I am, I write poetry, surf, paint, play music and love it! Regardless of skill level, we just own our shit and embrace ourselves and others with an open heart and acceptance.

I wonder how many amazing talents are or have been stuck in hiding, in the confines of our own safety nets, with the world missing out on their creations.

Now beyond that, I also think this impacts our happiness, that sense of being true to yourself, to connect to our authentic selves, our unique talents and abilities that perhaps we are here to let loose into the world. Regardless of their reception ie Van Gogh, never selling a painting, now just imagine he never showed anyone or simply threw away many of his creations.

Imagine for a moment that we all listened to our “positive” inner voice, our intuition, our heart and followed it with purpose and passion. I get this may seem super naive to some, or like a nostalgic ideal. But why can’t we, especially when we are blessed to be living in the western world of infinite possibilities.

I’ve seen a few super inspiring people of all walks of life get to that point in their life and go you know what, screw it, I’m over the act, here’s who I am, here’s what I want to do and I’m going for it. Love it, even if this is just as a sideline hobby, but just the commitment to doing something we love with passion is awesome to witness.

Just seeing people push past fear and embrace vulnerability with courage and heart, is super inspiring.

But for those of us that may have not got there yet, what truly stops us, other than our own insecurities and doubts? Anything?

Many would say there just stories that have us trapped in the consciousness of our own creations.

But what if we could all be taught to embrace vulnerability, take the attitude of I would rather connect with those that support what I want to do, rather than concern about the naysayers – as no doubt there’ll always be those, and these negative attitudes are purely reflections of the consciousness of that individual, so why should we let that impact ours?

These encounters (and are own) give us the ability to shine our light into fear and see it for what it truly is, nothing, just a net of thoughts disguised as false realities, and then move through them…

Anyway, you may be wondering, hey I’m on a meditation website, what’s this got to do with meditation?

Well, I’ve certainly noticed on my own journey that since meditating, over the years my story of playing the insecure artist has diminished greatly, I’m starting to not really care about that, or getting self worth from others opinions, still a work in progress, but the ability to connect into that quiet space within and see what’s going on in my mind has helped to unravel those antiquated thought patterns.

After All, where all here only for a short time and our own impermanence is our teacher to let go of that which does not serve us, to shine as the wonderful beings we actually are. And letting go is exactly what we do each time we meditate and take 20 minutes to drop in and just be.

So thanks to the Tradie Poet, it has inspired me to share more of my authentic self with the world in the form of my art, my love of the written word and who knows maybe at some point some sounds…

Here’s to poetry, prose and a touch of ballsy authenticity to us all.