Well I am again knee deep in mud, literally… not metaphorically.

With the constant rain the building of our new home has brought some wonderful challenges… And I am quietly exhausted! Thankfully I am days away from attending the rounding retreat I am running, so I get 4 days away from the building site to dive into deep states of restorative rest and dive deep into this ancient practice.

So the timing is perfect.

As I’ve been pushing myself pretty hard of late, in fact havent really had a day off where I have not done something on site for months. It has been  all encompassing. To the point I have ignored some of my basic dietary and health practices and felt the body starting to remind me to slow up and nurture myself. Did I listen, hmm not really, keep going, keep going.

I have really felt myself pushing hard on this project, trying to force things to happen on my schedules, my expectations. Pushing myself way out of flow! To the point over the last month I’ve had a cold sore (not had one in many years, sidenote used to get the constantly pre-meditation), a sore throat, broke a windscreen, nearly got hit by a car crossing the road and well you get the idea.

And today, I went to my mums on a forced 4 hour break to get said windscreen replaced, and thought, finally I can sat down to write this email and within minutes was falling asleep. Body was going, you’ve got to slow down pal, this is not working for us.

And then mum came and handed me a letter (where using her address during build).

And guess what the letter was?

A SPEEDING Ticket. Yep. Haven’t had one of those in probably a decade. And not that I am a slow driver, but I get it.

it was a message, from myself and the universe to: SLOW DOWN.

Or was it just a case of coincidence. Hmmm don’t know, but let’s play it out that there’s an intelligent universe that we are inseparable from and that perhaps we co-create our experience of said universe. Therefore making it highly plausible, that I needed to get the message that my body has been screaming at me to do in an perhaps more memorable way..

Like the concept that the universe/self will try to get us to listen via a tickle of a feather, if ignored a scratch on the arm, if ignored a punch, if ignored a knee cap and if ignored a crash tackle.

Crazy thing was last week also failed to mention, I also actually had a small accident… Yep reversed into a car in a car park that was also reversing.

I know, I know, but I still musnt have been paying attention! So universe though what else can we do before we have to really get him to slow down. Yep lets send him a speeding ticket. That metaphor is straight to the point.

Again perhaps these are just purely coincidental happenings. And a true pragmatist may label it so. Me, well I like to see a little magic and power that resides behind the vale. A mystery that I am a part of, a universe vast and unbounded entwined in my being. And that this nature has my evolutionary interest as its own, and when I am off track, It helps to try to get me to course correct.

Anyway, take from that ensemble of words what you will, perhaps you can relate. But if I can encourage you to too perhaps see the breadcrumbs that our reality lays out for us to continue to evolve. After all that is life. A constantly evolving play. It is just up to us to see it so.

For me now it is back to surrender, as I’ve seen how forcing my hand during the building process does not work, and neither does it in life. So back to “be like water”, like nature, flow in the moment and just breath! All in divine timing…

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