So sometimes life just doesn’t go according to plan. This year has been a prime example for that. Let me give you a personal example, I had a deep Vedic Rounding retreat scheduled (4 days of deep work..) and a week out the updated border restrictions meant I had to cancel it (and I know first world problems, but just sharing for some context). I had invested time, energy and money for the last 6 months gearing up for this retreat. Had a stellar cast on hand to run what was going to be an amazing experience.

But you know what.

I kinda had that back of the mind feeling it was not going to get there. And sure enough less than a week out it went pear shaped. And it was epic. One minute was on, the next off, then with the border bubble back on again, oh then the government decided to remove the postcode the retreat was in 6 hours later. A crazy roller coaster ride.

Heartbreaking? A stretch, but the human emotion of “oh shit” certainly was experienced. Which I am sure you’d agree is natural.

But if I may ask, at what cost? 

And if I may answer, our energy and wellbeing. Now the caveat here for me, is only if we prolong that experience and start playing drama. I actually think it’s important to express the emotion we experience in the moment, the disappointment in this case. I could have played meditation teacher and gone “I am totally indifferent to this moment and accept on all levels what is happening.” and to some degree I run this, but I also allow myself to experience the energy of life a little more, like all the notes on the piano, beautiful contrast!

So I allowed a brief moment of expressing the energy. Then calibrate and move on. Life’s moved on, so I need to as well.

As, what is disappointment? 

Life not meeting expectations. Simple.

I expected the outcome of an event or situation to be different to that which is.

Oh today it’s raining, I want sunshine so I can go to the beach. The restaurant I wanted to go to is booked out. Due to covid I have to cancel my retreat when I really want it to run.

Our expectations can really derail our experiencing the truth of the moment.

So in order to effectively deal with the curve balls life throws at us I think the following is important to not get derailed:

Be open and passionate with life yet do not be attached to the outcome of any event.

As the outcomes are really not what we want to be attached to, it is the action that is important. The thoughts, emotion and energy we put into life, and more often than not when we align those energies good outcomes based around what we reap we sow. But also understanding that life often will throw curveballs. So focus on the action, not outcomes. Especially in periods of life where control of situations seems beyond our control, such as what many of us are experiencing in the current climate.

So to sum up, be passionate, live fully, open hearts and minds and perform without the weight of expectations!

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