Let’s face it, for a lot of us, we’re driven to practices such as meditation in search for something that seems to be missing, fix something we feel is wrong with us, a challenge that we want to correct or areas requiring improvement. 

Now if that is not you and you are just “curios” about how meditation can help, just ask, help in what way? As that in itself has an implication that we feel we can be “improved”.

So this can be in a manner of different areas.

Be it that we want to:









This list could go on, but you get the idea. 

So we find meditation and the promise – and rightly so – of a way beyond our current circumstances.  

And it will. 

But meditation is not a magic bullet. 

It works, it is an amazing practice with so many benefits.

But it requires something, a very crucial ingredient. Discipline 

Yep, discipline, as the only time meditation does not work, is when people do not sit in the chair and do it. OR if they are not doing the correct technique (that too is another crucial ingredient). 

Once you have the technique, you then have to do the work. 

You have to carve out the time in your day to create the space for your practice. 

As if we could make change purely by thinking and intention alone, most people on the planet would be thriving, but we all know that is not the case. In fact, it’s the opposite,  most people these days are struggling with keeping up in the modern world. 

In order to come to meditation as a life-changing practice you need to be prepared to do the twice a day meditations, at first this may require a little effort but then you will quickly fall in love with these “holidays’ from our monkey minds and the ability to adapt far greater to all of life. 

So if you are contemplating Vedic Meditation just come with the commitment to the practice, which is really a commitment to yourself. 

And once implemented you will experience a far richer life primarily by the removal of built up and stored stresses within our nervous system and move towards the powerful potential that we all have.