I hope that got your attention, ah yes the wonders of sex and intimacy are surely one of the greatest gifts of being human. Now, you’ve no doubt heard me chat about the benefits of meditation from a stress reduction perspective, but over the coming months I will share some crazy benefits that are a little less known. But oh so important.

So let’s start with improving your sex life, what if I told you that by the simple elegant practice of doing a consistent twice day Vedic meditation practice you will improve your abilities in the bedroom.

Yep, your ability to connect, perform and to achieve orgasms. Scoff if you like, but tis true….

First up, before I get to some of the science, let’s dive into how you feel when you are stressed, anxious or depressed. Do you feel the desire for intimacy? No (and if you do, it is often not as a tool for deep connection but as a distraction). As when we are stressed we are running the sympathetic nervous system (fight/flight system). This system increases blood pressure, heart rate and breathing rate while decreasing non essential functions such as sex drive, a pre-requisite for engaging in intimacy.

when we have ongoing deep stress levels the body uses sex hormones to keep running the need for cortisol and epinephrine (adrenaline) and in turn basically makes our interest in sex incredibly minimal.

And get this, according to research, when we have ongoing deep stress, in order to satisfy the bodies demands for ongoing stress chenicals – cortisol and epinephrine (adrenaline) – the body uses our sex hormones as a bolster to keep us stressed. Yep, we are giving our hormones of love… in order to stay shitty, agitated, anxious and nooo where near keen for some loving.

Crazy right.

So how do we counteract this enemy from within by hijacking one of the great gifts of love? Good question, but I feel you have already guessed the answer. Yep meditate.

Why? Well back to the fact that your twice daily vedic meditation practice is the best way to release dormant stresses and stop your body from acruing new ones.

So for this month, hopefully that will encourage and keep your practice up running and if you’ve fallen of the wagon to get back in the saddle… pun intended!