The beauty of Autumn is upon us, the heat of summer has passed. And we are fast approaching the end of the first 1/4. And for many with it, a look back at our resolutions as a thing to reconsider for next year (according to research, over 80% of resolutions are already faltered).

Yet, every moment presents us with an opportunity to grow, to recommit, to create a new resolution and move towards that which we want. A chance to move towards our deepest desires (not desires which we know are not in our best interest), as these are messages from within to move to a field of greater alignment. More often than not, the deep desires within are calling us to move towards our evolution.

As life is not meant to be a constant strain filled with stress anxiety and depression. More often than not, they are just symptoms of the body, indicating that something is not right.

To make positive changes, we need to pay attention to these sensations. It is not just a random sensation. It is communication in it’s subtlest form, direct from the body.

And every moment we can start to lighten the strain. To come into the present moment and make a decision. Do I want to change? Do I want to move towards a life well lived? What am I prepared to do to make the change?

Then, we act.

We do not need to wait till next year, next month, next week, tomorrow. We can do it right now. In fact, it is the only time we can ever make a change. Within the moment that we find ourselves.

So no matter what it is for you, as with the beautiful change of seasons upon us, make that change. Take that step. After all, time will pass regardless, and there are two choices within the moment, stay as we are, or take steps towards changing and dropping that which holds us back. So be like nature, ever-changing, ever-shifting and ever-evolving.


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