And for a flower to bloom, it needs the right conditions and to remove the weeds that will take away essential nutrients required to flourish.

Same same, with the mind…

For our happiness, purpose, joy, creativity and love to flourish, we too have to remove that which holds us back. Such as the mental cages, limitations, ego constructs and games we play. And especially if you have a closed mind, you need to start getting out the tools to crack that right open.

As let’s face it, a closed mind is not a good thing

Now before we move ahead, I am not an advocate for gullibility, that is a very different thing from an open mind. An open mind should have a razor-sharp intellect and be able to discern what is worth exploring and what is not, but always remaining open to possibilities. Heck, even a devout scientist understands that we only have answers for approximately 4% of the “known” universe. So open that mind up…


Well, the conditioning that has been in play in your life started pretty much when you first opened your eyes on the day you were born, in fact, safe to say even in the prenatal stage. This conditioning can and does shape your experience of life. For example, if you grew up with loads of open love and laughter in the house, safe to say your disposition is going to be relatively light compared to someone who grew up fighting for love and survival. Off course I hear you, there are always exceptions. But it is pretty widely accepted that our genetics and our environment play a huge role in who we are.

Call it our Dharma (the path we are on) and our Karma (consequences of our actions) and we didn’t consciously (that we know of) choose this path right. This path we are on, for some of us has come with excess baggage that we wish we didn’t bring along for the ride.  Me? well, put it this way, it’s like I am taking a jetstar flight and only booked carry on and turned up the gate with a bag that weighs 40 kilos… yep I’ve had sooo much work to do to rid myself on my dramas – still a work in progress too).

So to flourish in this life, to bring out the best of our nervous system, we must first release the bonds that tie us to unwanted behaviours. In other words, remove the weeds that are taking the nutrients from the flower…

To do that we must first open our mind

Why? Well, there are some weeds in the garden (bad patterns), and to see this objectively requires an open mind, right? So many people just drift through life as passive victims just along for the ride, and no judgement there, just experiential observations. But there are those of us that intrinsically know we’ve got stuff to deal with. And if this is not attended to, we will never truly flourish on this journey.

So to open the mind, is the beginning of the work, to start to explore “how” can we move forward, “how” can we begin to flourish, “who” can help us on the journey, “what” tools do I need to move forward and then start by applying methods and technology to begin to facilitate the removal of those unwanted “weeds” and start letting your inner flower blossom.

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