Did you know that Dr Joe Dispenza had uni professors inject Sars Covid 19 into the blood work taken from people attending his retreats. There were 3 samples, pre retreat (no experience with meditation), after retreat (1 week of intensive meditation) and daily meditators. The pre retreat blood work showed a viral uptake, after a week of meditation a light uptake and the expert meditators had little to no reaction to the virus. I have seen other studies which showed that long term meditators doing TM showed a 35% less uptake for viral infectious diseases than non meditators.

Crazy, hey. By meditating our immune systems are far stronger and more resilient.

How? Well we daily remove the toxic impact that stress has on our nervous system, by giving the body a deep state of rest and accessing the parasympathetic nervous system (rather than stress state).

So when we are stressed (most of us) or fearful, anxious or depressed we basically deactivate our immune system. So we need to do all we can to stay fit and healthy and meditation for stress is your secret weapon (and yes alongside eating well and movement).

And what if you struggle to meditate or can’t find a reason?

Use science as your crutch to drag your but back into the chair and just start, if you falter, just keep starting… And if you are struggling with your practice book in a check in call and let’s get you back into it.