Not all meditation is the same, from the concentration methods (focusing on breath) to contemplative forms (think mindfulness) whereas <a href=””>Vedic Meditation</a> uses neither of those.

Instead we use a very simple effortless technique coupled with a Mantra.

So what is a mantra?

Let me shed some light on that for you.

A mantra is the combination of 2 Sanskrit (considered the mother of all languages) words.

Mannas – Mind

Tra – Vehicle / instrument

So its translation is “Vehicle of the mind”.

Now also there’s thousands and thousands of different mantras. In <a href=””>Vedic Meditation</a> we use what are known as “Bija mantras”.

Bija means seed. So these are seed mantras, for the purpose of taking us deep within…

Do they mean anything?

Whilst a lot of mantras do have meaning. The Bija mantras used in our technique have no meaning. They are just a nice phonetic sound. A self refining sound that is mellifluous (pleasant sounding) in nature.

Is this technique just about repeating a mantra consistently?

Nope, as otherwise you could just grab a mantra of the internet and away you go. The personal instruction you receive is absolutely crucial to ensuring success with the technique to establish a meditation practice.

There are some meditation techniques however, such as Jappa that use mantras and often alongside prayer beads which contain 108 beads (a sacred number) and they repeat the mantra at every touch of the bead and they work there way around from beginning to end.

<a href=””>Vedic Meditation</a> has a specific technique that does not require concentration or forcing the mind to stay on the mantra. This is really what separates this practice from many other forms of meditation and makes it the ideal practice for the modern world.

How do you chose mantras?

You will be given a mantra based on the stage of life you are at. And you can also – as you practice evolves – add new mantras to your existing mantra to deepen your practice. So not everyone has the same mantra these are carefully selected by your teacher.

If you would like to <a href=””>Learn Meditation</a> we run meditation classes in Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Tweed Coast and want to know more you can come along to an informal talk or give me a call on the number listed at the top of this website.

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