For some our stories empower us, whilst for others they may be the exact opposite. They can be the chain to the shore, holding us at bay from really letting go and living life with a sense of joy, love and laughter. Or even worse that sense of being unfulfilled, just drudging through the days.

Far from experiencing the life that we deep down dream about, the one that we find perpetually alludes us, no matter how hard we try, in fact trying just seems to push it further and further away until we all but resign ourselves to “oh well, this is me”.

I don’t know about you, but I was running a pretty crappy story for a long time. You’d never of guessed it from the outside, although those with a sensitive touch of the empath and insight would have.

Mine was basically I just don’t really feel like I belong, due to that I would always play with the guards up, you know, hold back that part of myself as a buffer, a dash of protection. So whilst I’ve always had a small circle of good friends, the rest of you, well ah, sorry I just didn’t really get (but it was really just me I wasn’t getting…)

And sure enough throughout my life, the universe would reflect this back at me.

So good isn’t it how the world will be the illustrator to our authorship!


Anyway, this isn’t about let’s sit and talk sad stories, that’ll get us nowhere.

The great thing is that we truly do have the pen in our hands. We get to write the next chapter and sure whilst the previous chapters may seem to suck upon reflection, once we get to the end of our book if we consciously start writing the next chapters the way we want them, those small periods will seem like vital stepping stones to the good chapters.

Oh wonderful Rich, sounds amazing and is this another self help book about a secret or something… Just think it and it happens… rewrite the story, ah come on.

Hold up, I hear you. No. Not trying to rewrite the story, mainly let go of the anchors from the old chapters.

Cause think about it. At some point those negative stories were not there. Were they? Somewhere along your cosmic timeline those dramas did not exist, but for some reason we’ve written them into our book. And for what reason, don’t know and I’m not trying to unravel the knots with a conscious process here, basically I want to help you untether the knots without us having to really understand, cause that my friend is far beyond my capacity to understand the subconscious workings of a human.

But let’s move on, as I caught myself getting caught up there…

But I do hear you, I don’t want this to sound like a romantic notion, but the reality is we can let go of it, the old story.


Well, I think meditation is the tool, through my own experience, the pivotal one. The one that has given me day by day the ability to sit in my stillness, sit in my being, in myself and let go.

And it is through this daily practice of letting go in the particular way that my teacher taught me and I hope that I will teach you that has enabled me to over time “let go and be”. Through this as a byproduct I started to view the future differently, my vision was clearer with the direction i would want to walk towards.

Letting go empowered me to grab hold of the pen and paper and go, heck lets get creative! What do I really want?

And as I started to get clearer and clearer the path started to open and as the pages were being written, sure enough, I would start to see evidence of the path unfolding before my eyes.

I had to picture it, write it, walk it and then it would happen. It just doesn’t appear as a magic trick, we still have to climb the foothills to get to the mountain and then we’ve still got to climb the mountain. After All if we didn’t have to do some work, I don’t think it in our nature that we would truly appreciate it!

I truly believe for me, it all came down to sitting quietly and comfortably for 20 minutes twice a day, dropping into a meditative practice that finally empowered me to stop the old script from creating the future one.

And this my friends, is what you too can do if you wish to stop living the same chapters over and over again, after all, it’s your book, your movie and you deserve to author it with all the joy and love in your heart bursting at the seems as you put pen to paper with anticipation of the life you long to live coming into view, might just be a glimpse of the road ahead, but that is the mark of exciting pivot point in the story!

But don’t get me wrong life is still going to take us by surprise that we didn’t foresee, but though our practice of Vedic meditation we can steer the ship through anything. And one day you’ll be turning the final page of the book and go, that was a good story, I enjoyed that.

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