A gift, A truth
So powerful and simple yet so hard for us to grasp
Are you weakness?
No the opposite.
I have no need for control
That allows for freedom
As I know I have no control
of what lies beyond my being
So I accept that all is changing
every moment
This is nature. Your nature.
Surrender, is that not lying down?
The white flag and all?
Yes and no.
Surrender to nature, to the understanding
that all will pass
all is in flow and evolving
despite the mind clinging with fragility to control
So yes we let that clinging go and offer the white flag
But it also delivers power
As when we let go of trying to control life – (A futile exercise)
we step into acceptance
Acceptance of what is
Not what we wish it to be
Of what it is
It is from here we can take inspired action
Without ego trying to control
As if we do not accept what is
we create resistance
Resistance creates friction
Friction creates internal chaos
This chaos weakens us
The mind goes to turmoil with its friends:
Worry, panic, stress, anxiety and depression
So surrender and acceptance are
perhaps the most empowering of states.
So hard to do
Yet so vital to live with love and lightness
and to health and happiness
Never more important than when things are not going to plan
as it is in these times that we can truly grasp
that we are not in control of life
We can control our experience
Yet not life
Surrender & Acceptance
These are our gifts in times like these.

If you are having a hard time with all that is playing out, I encourage you to pick up meditation classes at Gold Coast. To give your mind and nervous system a chance to surrender and rest. Right now this is so important.

If you need help please reach out, I am here to help and serve.

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