Become Self-Sufficient with the easiest form of meditation

The vedic meditation technique


Vedic meditation is a simple easy to learn meditation technique.

It is a process whereby you learn you have the ability to meditate on your own, without any apps, no ongoing courses, no particular settings, or conditions. You can literally meditate anywhere… As long as you can sit and close your eyes for 20 minutes you are set.

You will be taught a practice that has incredible scientific benefits through which for 20 minutes twice a day you will practice this effortless technique that helps dissolve the stress, tension and fatigue that we deal with daily.

During the practice your mind will go from active day to day ramblings and move to more profound levels of thought and consciousness, where you transcend to a state of total rest on the body and mind level. Yet you will be totally awake and alert, it is like a holiday from the rapid-fire 24/7 river of the mind!

This state of deep rest is what creates a whole raft of additional benefits.


The first step in learning meditation is either review the website or scheduling a call. Here you can discuss in further detail how meditation will benefit you.

From there, if you wish to learn you will either learn in a group format (Gold Coast or Brisbane) or private course option.

During the first session, you will be given personalized instruction around the meditation technique. In the following three sessions we will refine your practice whilst diving deep into the connection of your mind and body.

Upon completion of the sessions, you will be empowered to meditate anywhere and at any time. A powerful tool that will benefit you greatly for the rest of your life.

10-14 days after the course, Rich will do a check-in call with you to make sure your practice is going strong and answer any questions you have, As your teacher, Rich is always on hand to offer any answers I can and ongoing support. Additionally, you can also attend any meditation groups once you have learned the course, with Rich or any other Vedic meditation teacher around the world for free, it is part of our commitment to you).

You can also come back to sit in any group courses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Tweed Heads to refresh your practice if you feel the need.