You’d never guess what I am going to share with you, no not reasons to meditate. Reasons not to meditate. That’s right. Someone asked me the other day, Rich is there any reason that people should not meditate? My reply. Yes. And here’s the reasons:

I am figuring that unless you are an incredibly rare human or experiencing the last point, that you feel, that perhaps there is a little voice, a yearning within, the same voice that first brought you to meditation is going uhm, yep, no I certainly do not tick all those boxes. And to that I say welcome to a wonderful club. The club of humanity. It does seem that as a part of our psyche that for some of us we feel there’s something that we can or need to do.

So unless you have mastered your own being and have yet to self-actualise, then I’d suggest keep meditating as that need that brought you to the practice was a seed of a higher intention. And with all the collective stress, we all need to defrag daily.

Now that was the short version, here’s where I’ll get a little more personal and perhaps call it esoteric, and as you all know I more often than not lean on science. But let’s lash out…

For me, that need I mentioned. It was a big need.

Still is. If I jump up and start the day and let the world rush in before meditating, then it’s a day that I feel got off to the wrong start. You know how it goes, oh missed the alarm, oh well, got my phone in hand. I will take a peek at social media and emails, can’t hurt right. Wrong. Those activities automatically drag us into someone else’s agenda, so I am off track before even starting.

My best days, are present, engaged, filled with intention and at the same time surrender. They are always when meditation has been involved. And throw in some other activities such as breathwork and body movement of some kind. But meditation for me is the crux. It is the space within, no activity, just connection to the space. Sure, there’s thoughts, but beneath that is that wonderful space of pure being. Consciousness. Where my awareness gets in contact with the wonder of nothingness, the absolute, the unchanging. A reminder that the wave is purely a part of the ocean.

We often get so pulled by the strings of life. The pull of separation. The pull of growth. The pull of success. The pull of bills. The pull of expectations (oh how heavy they are). For what?

What is the purpose of all these pulls?

Get more, get bigger, get richer, get hungrier, just keep getting. Then what? More of the same. I think we can all see where that game has gotten the human race. To me it screams a little off track.

These pulls, distract us, they deceive us, and then we are left wondering. Am I happy? Is this fulfillment? And for some, we sag our shoulders as we accept our fate. Oh well, this is just life, suck it up kids, aint getting any better than this.

Hmmm… Well I challenge that and reckon it can be far greater than we expect it. But that greatness does not require surrendering to any pulls of the external world. As that will continue to fuel hollowness. And it does not mean that life becomes a Hollywood romance. Nope shit still happens, current reality of Covid 19 shows us that.

Yet, via the practice of meditation, we can start to move beyond that needy space and enter into a place where we accept, surrender and move within the moment of life. From here we can start to cultivate higher states of consciousness, joy, happiness, compassion, kindness and love and for nothing other than life. And from there, life starts to show itself to us a little differently. Afterall, we all curate our own experience of reality.

We experience a little more synergy, a little more bliss, flow and acceptance. And we can engage fully into the experience at hand. Whilst we still face the challenges of life that all of us experience.

And your daily practice of meditation will be a thread that runs through your life, helping you to drop the game, drop the show of being you. Twice a day. And in that dropping you enter into a space which is where the real you resides. Your awareness, your consciousness, the unchanging, the space where no external reality can affect you. It is from that space, the body gets deep rest, deep restorative rest, a place where the magic happens. Where it can release the stresses, tensions and stories of the past that hold us prisoner to the limited version of ourselves. And once we start to drop those, we can start to cultivate and curate an internal reality more aligned to life. A life well imagined and lived. A life with love, joy and laughter.

Can this be experienced without meditation? Of course, but rare. Why? Well how’s your track record? How many people do you know who are truly happy? As a happiness non-dependent on success, a lover, a child or ability to partake in a hobby? That radically drops the numbers… A lot of people claim happiness, but it is very dependent on external situations, take them away, that happiness disappears. We want to connect to a deeper source of happiness, and it is as all the great teachers since antiquity have stated “what you seek lies within”.

Meditation helps us tune into the journey, the moment and forget for about the idea of destinations. And it is within these moments we find life.

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