I don’t know what I want to do or be…

Ever had that thought or heard it from someone?

Pretty safe to say I am sure you would have. In fact, I would put money on that most of us have had this very thought at some stage in our lives.

I personally new roughly what I wanted to do or be, but really did not know what shape that was going to take until my early 40’s, that was to help people and work with people to lift their consciousness and live better lives as a result. But that was super vague for a while and was always wondering, how do you do that?

Now I believe that for us to really get to be clear on who we are and what we are here to do, we need to quieten our hyperactive realities down, create the ability to achieve some space inside as otherwise, our minds are just perpetuating the same old thought patterns and dramas.

Did you know that it is indicated that we have up to 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day and 90% of those are the same ones…

So our minds are constantly being bombarded by thoughts and for a lot of people thoughts that they would probably wish not to have.

So what does this have to do with getting what you want in life?

A lot.

It’s like one of those snow domes we get as kids, when you shake it up all the snow rises and makes it harder to see clearly what’s inside the dome. It’s the same as our minds, if we cannot drop into a quiet place in our being, we find it hard to clearly see who and what are actually are and what we are here to do.

All we see is more of the same old stuff floating around.

And here’s the thing based on physics we actually become what we see, so what we think will determine what we see and therefore what keeps coming into our lives.

It’s so simple, yet so hard to fathom. Think differently, raise our consciousness and change our realities. Yet our patterns of thought, our ego mind really does not want to, it loves drama!

But the good news is through meditation, we can drop into the space in our beings that reduces the impact of this hyperactivity and stress, and over time the mind starts to see more clearly and gains access to our intuitive, creative and higher intelligence, this space will guide you to your heart’s desires, kinda like what your meant to do here on this journey through space and time on planet earth.

It is a like a slow rising of a plant, we sow the seed, water and weed and over time it breaks the surface, grows and then when conditions are ripe it starts to flower. Which is the expression of joy and purpose of that plant.

It is the same for you, no matter where you are on your journey or how old, we can always begin the process of getting in contact with our inner worlds to uncover what we are here to do.

This is just one of the many benefits you will get from meditation, although with this it may take time, maybe months or years, depending on where you are at. But along the way with a sound practice of meditation you will journey through the ups and downs of life with a much more grounded and stable outlook on life.

Time to go meditate!

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