A new year and decade are upon us, and mother earth is insisting a time for massive change and renewal on many levels.

In the Vedic world view, we learn there are 3 constant forces always at play in all aspects of the universe and consequently our lives.

Observe nature, life grows, maintains and breaks down, all to do it all over again. Cycles within cycles. Always moving towards evolution.

Now creation is when things move towards its highest natural evolution, and when something is worth maintaining, maintenance is at play. Consider a relationship, the early stages are in creation mode, if it is worth continuing, maintenance takes its place in the cycle, and you work the relationship to keep it evolving,  and if it is not towards your evolution, destruction steps in to help you move forward. As painful and emotional as it may seem. It is fundamental to help you move back towards evolution.

Destruction is quite a harsh term, so think of it also like the removal of irrelevancies. And sometimes in our personal lives, we need destruction to step in and sweep away the old patterns to make space for us to again move into an evolutionary pattern of creation. And yes some people can get stuck ignoring the small steps required to get out of this state and move towards the natural flow, but nature will keep prodding and pushing.

This too is at play with the earth, we can only ignore things for so long before nature takes the reigns (always has) and moves into an evolutionary cycle, hence why we are seeing such power and destruction at play. Look at the general apathy and displacement of power. It’s time for a massive shift, and it starts with you. As life is not just about us humans, as much as we have a fairly self-centred outlook. There’s a universe out there that’s constantly evolving, and we too are just a part of this evolving nature.

We are all responsible for moving towards a greater life for ourselves, our families and friends and also our planet. And greatness does not mean becoming superstars or anything like that. just The most conscious happy being we can be.

We are responsible for being the best version of ourselves.

We are responsible for making the most informed decisions and being keenly aware of the impact our choices make on all life.

And it is so so good to see out of such destruction and sadness a powerful shift, bringing forward conversations that need to be had and just shining that light that we all need to play a part to make global changes. And they start with small steps!

And yes, meditation is a key, helps us be less reactive, more conscious, make more meaningful choices and be less stressed. Therefore we can to help shed more and more light into the world purely from being caring, compassionate, loving human beings. It’s our birthright and responsibility.

May this year be a continual flow of evolution and remember within evolution, there are always cycles, creation, maintenance and destruction. So even if you are battling something right now, you may be moving through stages of the cycle. Just know to keep moving it all moves forward if we allow it, surrender, trust and take small steps at the moment, after all that is all we can ever truly do.
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