One of the most beautiful things about the tradition of Vedic Meditation is it is passed down in person from teacher to student, teacher to student for over 5,000 years, preserving the tradition, purity and power of the technique.

Even in the day and age of online learning and meditation apps, this technique can only be taught in person (so if you have learned Vedic meditation online, it may be worth chatting to your teacher…).

Well you have to learn from a trained teacher, someone that has dedicated a portion or all their life to passing on this Vedic wisdom.

This means, the teacher has spent a long time meditating and receiving the many benefits that come with this, so much so that they want to go on to pass it onto others, and then devoting an intensive period of time to learn how to teach the technique correctly. It is a pathway of passion as it is such an honour to share and teach this amazing technique (with so many scientific neuro-physiological benefits)

Part of the commitment of the teacher is we are there to work with you on an ongoing basis to ensure you using the technique correctly. As that is where you will get maximum benefits from this practice.

So your teacher is really invested in you to ensure that you really get it, that you also love the technique so you too experience the profound life-changing results of just sitting easily and meditating.

Once you start the practice of VM you can come back and sit the course to freshen up your knowledge, you can also attend weekly meditations group (with any Vedic meditation teacher) around the world. So you have support from all teachers of Vedic Meditation not just the teacher that taught you the technique.

As a Vedic meditation teacher I also love that this technique is nothing about me, I am not the product, I have not created a flashy new meditation technique, I am the hollow read of ancient wisdom that has helped millions and millions of people through a simple, easy to practice and scientifically proven technique and all I am asked to do is continue to pass this information to those that are keen to learn.

I liken these teachers of this technique like a lighthouse. The lighthouse provides the facility for the light to shine, it is not the light itself, it is a conduit to pass the light onto those that need it.

And a meditation teacher is ultimately a lot like that. We do not own the technique, we do not own the benefits, we have experienced it and embraced it and now simply become a conduit to pass that onto others.

This is also important as when we learn to teach it, our teacher’s goal is to ensure the purity is kept and also that the new teacher keeps their ego in check and that we honour the tradition and our teachers with integrity and the honour it deserves.

Which is a beautiful concept, that your teacher is a part of a lineage dating back to thousands of years ago all the way back to the original rishis (the great sages) who were integral in developing and cognising Vedic meditation?

So if you are contemplating meditation, I highly encourage you to learn this practice and experience the power of the practice and the passion of the teachers!

If you still have some questions please ensure to give me a call or schedule a call as I would love to answer those for you.

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