Each and every day we get absolutely bombarded by information, demanding our attention and fighting its way into our neural pathways, cluttering our worlds like never before.

Think about this for a second, picture life about 50 years ago, we’d maybe watch a bit of TV, read the paper, but we we’re not tethered to the world, we would turn off, go play etc. Go back 100 years, and again even simpler.

Fast foward to today and most of us during our waking hours are in someway tethered to devices, longer working hours, less nutrition in our foods, less time for our passions or hobbies, more expectations as work due to increased competition and a constant stream of news, marketing that bombards us no matter where we look. Unless we take a holiday and get away from wifi…

All this takes it toll on our brain waves, stress patterns and in turn our ability to live optimally.

So how do we deal with this?

We can exercise, do hobbies, chill out or read a book etc.

All those are great ways to decompress, some less than ideal methods are turning to drugs and alcohol – which is so so prevalent again in today’s world. These only compound the stress.

But even with exercise and hobbies (mines surfing love it nearly as much as meditation) they still do not get down to the depths of our being, so our stresses can remain compounding and stewing under the surface.

This is where Vedic Meditation is second to none.

It helps you transcend to a deeper state of rest then merely relaxing or resting, in fact it is indicated that just 20 minutes of meditation is the equivalent of 2 hours deep sleep.

And over time the continued practice continues to unwind the hidden stresses we store in our bodies, wave after wave of our unconscious stress releasing till you start to feel lighter, more vibrant, more energised and calm. This is the hidden benefit of meditation, not only will you experience a sense of peace and relaxation after your meditation but over time you will feel totally reinvigorated in your self.

Think of it like this, imagine you get a new car and never clean the windscreen.

Gradually, day by day, it slowly gets dirtier but as it is a gradual thing you don’t notice it as much and it becomes just the way it is.

Until it gets to the point where it is near impossible to see out of, maybe you scrub a bit clean just in front of you, so you get a small tunnel vision effect and can see a little. But I am sure you will agree it is far from optimal?

Now with your Vedic Meditation practice, it is like each day we wake up and clear the windscreen before we start the day, helping us to perform better with our chosen pathways, being more creative, more focused, more attentive and better at communicating. Then at the end of the day we get home and meditate again, we clear the windscreen from the day’s stresses and tensions, leaving us much better equipped to deal with family and ease into a night of rest and relaxation.

Now since we have been building up our stresses over a long long time, we don’t get a crystal clear windscreen immediately but you will straight away start to notice your vision is far clearer than before, and over time one day you will have crystal clear clarity from all perspectives and at any angle you look at.

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