I am slightly scared or okay I’ll admit it, deep down I’m terrified.

Beautiful Girl

I like to put myself in positions from time to time to stretch my comfort zones, to expand and evolve. This has seen me do 10-day silent meditation retreats, spirit medicine ceremonies, and fasting in the bush on a vision quest for 4 days with nothing but a little water. But what I am doing […]

Do you own your’s and in turn who creates your reality?

One of the greatest challenges we may face on this planet is really owning our. Our triggers, our ignorance, our unconscious programs per se. Let me give you a personal example.  I was with a good friend the other day, and momentarily was not present and an insensitive thought spewed forward from my mouth, and […]

Shaken Not Stirred by Spirit Medicine

Warning Long post, about a recent experience with spirit medicines. And potentially the most vulnerable writing of my life so far. So I got my ass handed to me on a universal level on a recent exploration with spirit medicine. And I mean absolutely handed to me. Think the movie exorcism, yep, scary deep shit. […]


Are you feeling frazzled & need help to cope with the ongoing anxieties of life in the often turbulent 21st century?  Stress is a result of overstimulation of our ‘fight or flight’ reaction in dealing with these anxieties. Stress can and does affect practically every aspect of our lives, from relationships, careers, & our sleep.  […]

The Cold Lonely Wave Of Depression


As surfers on the east coast of Aus we can find ourselves mid summer wearing steamers, days where the sand could fry and egg, yet thanks to howling northerlies the ocean which is normally a balmy 26 – 28 degrees has been swapped with chilling cold waters (at least for us used to above mentioned […]

Ahh I am having a busy meditation…


So I tried meditation and I found that my mind was way too busy. Aha, yep we’ve all been there, in fact, I was on a recent call with a mew meditator recently who said:  Sometimes my meditation feels more like my shopping and to do lists…  Now before we dig into that, here are a […]

Meditation is not a magic bullet


Let’s face it, for a lot of us, we’re driven to practices such as meditation in search for something that seems to be missing, fix something we feel is wrong with us, a challenge that we want to correct or areas requiring improvement.  Now if that is not you and you are just “curios” about […]

Don’t Fake it till you make it… Your just in training

Don’t know about you, but the saying “fake it till you make it” doesn’t sit well with me. I know, I know, it’s just a saying but what do you think of when I say the word “fake”? Yeah, same here, it’s not a positive thought that springs to mind. If we look at the […]

Fight or Flight.. The dilemma of the modern mind

Girl Pulling

Got a question for you, can you imagine trying to run the latest games, apps and software on some of the earliest computers? What do you reckon would happen? Yep, not much, the machine would be overworked to even load the app/game etc and probably get sent to the cyberspace graveyard in no time. And […]

Reverence and its place in society


For a long time reverence was a word that had disappeared from my vocabulary and think it is safe to say that’s the case for most of the western world culture. With one huge exception. Reverence for $$$$$$, or what it can buy. The mighty god, M&M, Money & Materials. That which we devote the […]