Yoda god bless that small green yogi, he was one wise being. George Lucas actually learned to meditate from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who sounds a lot like Yoda, funny that, some transcendent wisdom…


Anyway, Yoda hated the word try. Said it doesn’t exist. You either do or you don’t. Think about it for a moment, if I was to say try and close your eyes. You either close them or you don’t. If we want to get healthier, we either do or we don’t. We want to change our life, we either do or we don’t. Want to stress less, we either do or we don’t. You get the idea. 


It’s an ugly truth of life. And sometimes we need a little brutal self-love to go beyond the word try. 


This came about when conversing with a mate that learned Vedic meditation a while back, loved it but fell off the wagon and said: “I’ve been trying to get back into it…”  to which I quoted master Yoda “ah do or do not there is no try”.


It’s a decision, not saying it’s an easy one. But millions of people have managed to get the benefits from this practice and I am sure there’s some with crazier, busier and more hectic lives than even the busiest of those amongst us.


It is all just making that decision. Take the action and in turn, enhance your life. 


It really is that simple, there is no other way. But you do have to want the change.


I’ve heard it said that there’s some that use the word “Try” as an excuse. Yeah I’m trying, it kinda protects us from giving it our all so we can’t fail but at the same time indicates we are doing something so haven’t quit. A try buffer… 


Yet I can hedge my bets and say if we don’t go beyond try, life will pass us by and we will one day reflect and go “hmm shit, wish I actually did…” 


If this has any resonance with you and your meditation practice, and you want the benefits this practice gives us just make a decision to do 30 days of meditation. Make it effortless  (as per how you learned – if you need a refresher give me a buzz) but work it. Daily. Twice. 


It’s like gravity, it works. 


Life still happens (with all its flavours) just with a lot more effortless flow and less resistance from our end when we meditate daily. 


Give it a go! 


Oh and no more trying, anything. 

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